Entre Institute Affiliate Review – Is It A SCAM Or A Legit Way Of Making Money Online?

what is Entre Affiliate marketing

Have you ever heard of Entre Institute and want to know whether or not you should invest money there? This Entre Affiliate Review can help you in making an informed decision.  

Remember that it will be the super honest review on the Entre Affiliate Program because I am going to review it as a third party. I aim to bring reality in front of the readers. 

So is it a scam or a 100% legit way to make money? You will know about it in this Entre Affiliate Review. 

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

Entre Institute Review

Everyone loves the idea of working from home.  So whenever someone asks you whether or not you want to make 10k dollars in a month while staying at home, your answer will be a big YES. 

Entre Institute is a course that revolves around working from home and online business.

Entre Institute review

In this course, you CAN get access to various learning tools, including books on online business and training,  live meetings,  seminars, private group coaching sessions, one on one coaching and guidance from the masterminds.

The idea of this course is elementary and straightforward, which is

“Come here if you want to make money online by working at home and live an awesome life”. 

But the big question is to verify whether or not this course can provide you with an excellent and luxurious lifestyle. 

Jeff Lerner – The Course Creator

The creator of this course is Jeff Lerner. He is a person who has been doing online business successfully since 2008 and made $50 million in online sales. So we can expect that he must have some good knowledge about making money in an online field. 

If you want to know more about his credibility, you can always search his Facebook profile, Instagram, and YouTube channel. 

What Is the Entre Blueprint?

When you start this course, you, first of all, get access to Entre Blueprint, which is a series of videos that promise to enable you to make six figures. 

The main pillars of these videos are personal, professional and physical.  

So you can work on the improvement of your personal being by accessing the most professional content and then implementing all the techniques in the physical world. 

Entre Affiliate Review

The exciting thing about these videos is that they do not guide you only about one way of making money online but discuss multiple ways. 

So this is what makes it unique and different from other work-from-home money-making ideas. The Blueprint has all kinds of information from E-Commerce, affiliate marketing, blogging to YouTubing and other business models that can work while staying at home. 

Is Entre Blueprint Worth The Money?

This is the most common question asked by many people who want to dive into the system and see its effectiveness.  Although you can access a lot of material from this Entre Blueprint,  the creator of this program has used an excellent marketing tactic which is:

If you want to access the entire course, you will have to buy the Entre Blueprint, and other upsell products.  Without these products, the whole course can go in vain. 

But remember that Blueprint is a detailed guide that explains various Business models, compares them, and guides beginners on how to start and where to start. 


Initially, it seems a bit not pricey because Blueprint requires you to invest $39.

So What After Investing $39 In Entre Blueprint?

After investing $39 in the Enter Blueprint, you have to buy their upsell products because you have no other option.

 Now comes the turn of the product prices. 

Software products include Entre Digital or Entresoft, Entre Nation and Entre Results. They can cost you a lot of money ranging from $300-$15000. 

Pros & Cons Of Entre Affiliate Program

Focusing on the positive and negative points will give you a better idea of whether or not this program can work for you. 


  • It guides you about the multiple ways of making money online.
  • Does have some authentic knowledge about online businesses.
  • A course creator is a legit person, so we can rely on his techniques of making millions online while staying at home. 
  • Though, it is NOT A SCAM. 
Entre Affiliate Review


Here is why you should not buy this program. 

  • The cost of the product is exceptionally high, and it is quiet and affordable for most people.  Moreover, when you can access the same content and guidance at half price, why should you go for it? 
  • The online world is full of complaints about the pricing structure and says that the quality of the material is not worth the money. 
  • Customer support is not too responsive, and you may have to wait for 3 to 4 days to get a reply from the staff, because of high demand for the program.  

Is Entre Affiliate Program A Scam?

Entre Institute is not a scam. However, you should only go for it if you have a lot of extra money to invest, or just want to maximize your earning potential. 

There are many questions about the price tag, and people are complaining about why Jeff Lerner is charging that much. It’s an extremely high price tag and it’s not the number one recommendation of affiliate marketing program, so I think you have an IDEA.

Final Verdict

The above discussion shows that it is not a scam, But its high pricing structure.

That’s it for today’s review!

The primary purpose of this super honest review was to make you aware of the high pricing structure of this program, and yes, the final decision is yours. 

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