How to make money from digital real estate.

Digital Real estate
Are you looking for way to make extra money on the internet? and do not know where to start because everyone online are talking about how they made their million and showing their flashy cars and nice houses? 

But you still can't take a decision yet because you don't see how that can be possible? Are you information overloaded, are confused?

If any of those questions related to you and you felt like this is exactly what going on in your life right. 
I might have something that can work for you.
Because it is not your fault if you are like that. 
Most people online by trying to make a couple bucks,  and don't have the right training for what they trying to sell you,  and don't know how to do business on the internet,  instead of leading to the right way to the right direction they confuse you instead. 

Most people that are trying to convince you to buy their training, or their products, they are not really know what they are doing.
And most of them quit before they make even $50 online. 

I know them personally a lot of them, those people, every month doing something different,  until one day they will tell you the internet is not working. 

How to make money from digital real estate.

So how can you use the digital real estate to make money?

There's a lot of money to be made on the internet, million of people are shopping online and there are million right who's looking for opportunities,  million are looking for work they can do from home, and more are looking for training or online school etc.
It is now time to build your first piece of digital real estate and start helping those people.

All those people are searching the internet for something that they already want.
No need to  force them to buy because they already know what they want and us as digital marketers all we have to do is make the process easier for them by bringing what they are looking for on their screen, in from of them, that way they will just enter their credit card numbers and purchase. 

Did Digital real estate profitable?

Since they are already looking to buy, no need for heavy marketing, forcing or trying to convince people to buy from you.

This is not new on the internet and most people who's trying to make a couple bucks online don't take time to learn what can mak them money,how to set their digital real estate the right way. But they just want to make money and get rich overnight. 

Something that is impossible to get rich overnight. 
And most people that what they are advertising on social media right now.
And it is simple and easier to do things the right way, but most people don't take time to learn the right way and do things the right way. 
But those who are doing the right thing last long and those who's scamming people don't last to long.
Digital real estate is the new economie and it is a billion dollars industry and it is trending what now.


If you check most successful online business owners, PEOPLE WHO TAKE TIME TO BUILD THEIR digital real estate the right way, read their stories,  most of them have more them 10 years experience in what they are doing. That's the statistic,  that doesn't mean they start making money after 10 years but, they see real success after a period of time. 

This is just to tell you that the process is long, it is not a get rich quick game but it is a hard working job. Most of the time an online business owner works more than a 9-5 job.

Is digital real estate hard to build

Most of the time you have to cut on your sleep, stop hanging out with some of your friends, stop paying for Netflix or paying for cables tv because no time for fun.

Digital real estate is sometime stressing,  sometimes there's some problems you face in your business, and only you have to figure out how to solve that.
And also it is costly,  sometimes you are paying for subscribe for programs that are the lifeblood of your business and make no return, all you have are expenses.
It is not easy to swallow but there's no other choice than make it happen. 

2020 I started my business and I paid thousands of dollars for training and thousands of dollars for coaching,  without monthly expenses or software etc,
Without a lot of results. Some people was going to quit but I didn't because I had a why. I knew what I was looking for,  and I had big dreams. 
After paying a year coaching for almost $40,000 for one year,  and I jumped to another training program because I wanted more.

My dreams are to create wealth not making a couple bucks online. 
My experience online thought me a lot, and I understand how the digital world works.  
The only requirement to succeed the digital real estate world is to have the right skills. 
If I knew that, I was not going to pay that much money for a coaching, that's why I writing this. 
There's a simpler way,  to learn everything that I spent $40,000 to learn for way less and more effective. 
Learn from someone that been doing business on the internet for 20 years.

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