Sell other people’s products online.

Sell other people's products online.

You are trying to start a business online but for some reason, you have no idea what to sell and where to start.

In this blog, I will share my experience with you and how to start selling other people’s products online. Selling other people’s products online is the online business that marketers are advertising called affiliate marketing or referral-based business.

So if you wondered what is affiliate marketing? affiliate marketing is a business where a company or individual rewards you for sending your traffic to their products or services. The company or product owners create a special link with an ID, with your name or a special identification attach to your account number or name.

Sell other people’s products online without authorization of the product’s owner is illegal, In this blog, I will not talk about unauthorized or illegal business. But a business that is legal and that is a billion dollars worth industry. If that happens you want to learn more about this topic after you are done reading this blog read more here.

Below you will learn how to sell other people’s products online for a profit, and how to structure your business to make enough money that can replace your full-time job.

How to sell other people’s products?

Selling other people’s products might be a great way to make money online if someone learns how to do it the right way.

But the question is how to sell, is there any requirement? how do I find products to sell online and what are the requirements set by the product owners?

I will answer those questions in the paragraphs below with a step-by-step on how to start your online business selling or your affiliate marketing business.

Requirements to sell other people’s products online.

The company, the product’s owner, or services have some requirements and rules required to follow by the advertiser. Each product owners or company have its own rules to follow and they put everything on a webpage page called the agreement page “term and condition” or “policy agreement” available on all affiliate website.

Most of them will require you to accept their term and condition before they can accept you to promote their product or service. Why? because it is required by law and it protects both parties.

Now how do you promote those products on the internet, and where to find the best product? There are two major free platforms that are beginner-friendly and that anyone can start promoting and making a little money.

They are two types of products or services that you can promote. they are physical products and digital products.

A digital product is the type of product that the company doesn’t need to ship, story, or do any inventory and a physical product is a product that the owner has to store, pack and ship the product anytime someone purchases it.

Physical vs digital products and where to find them.

There are a lot of platforms where you can find products to sell on the internet. The 2019 pandemic has changed everything and most industries are offering their service or selling their product online.

The two best platforms to start selling other people’s products online are Amazon and Clickbank.

Amazon is one of the biggest platforms with millions of different products digital and physical. This platform is a beginner-friendly platform but requires a website to sign to their affiliate platform.

Are you looking to start a blog site and promote Amazon and Clickbank offers on your site?

ClickBank is one of the largest digital product platforms with more than a thousand different products in all niches. Clickbank doesn’t require a website. just go to and create an account and you are ready to go.

How to make money selling other people’s products?

To make money in this business doesn’t require creating a product or service but it does require getting traffic, but how do you get traffic. Getting traffics is the hardest part of this business, most people who comment on other people’s websites or on my website have only one problem.

There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your offer, but how to get traffic that is worth money? Traffic that will convert, where people will actually click on your links and purchase something.

Thousands of new marketers quit the online business before they make their first dollar online, why? because first it’s either they have visitors on their website and can’t convert their visitors or don’t have visitors at all.

Maybe in another blog, I will talk about how to get traffic and you can check this blog about that topic. Selling other people’s products requires you to send traffic to that offer.

Getting traffics will require you to get off your comfort zone. There are a lot of ways to drive traffic but the common way is the free traffic method and most people who are choosing free traffic failed or quit before they make their first paycheck.

Free traffic may take up to two years to start generating traffic as a beginner. It will require posting on social media, and making videos for youtube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook. etc.

The other type of traffic is paid traffic, pay traffic is easier but will require knowing how to write a great ad and use the right keywords, otherwise, you will be lost a lot of money on bidding on expensive keywords.

Making money selling other people’s products can be very hard people are losing a lot of money and never make a dime until they quit.

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Selling other people’s products online is a legit business, right now people are making million, and millionaires are creating doing it every day. Will you make money doing it? Success is not guaranteed, and this is not a hope marketing business, or wish marketing business, it requires a lot of studies and a lot of work. Sometimes it will require buying software, SEO tools, buy training, and courses, and sometimes coaching, that will help you succeed.

Disclaimer: Some links in this post are affiliate link, if anyone clicked and purchase something I’ll get a commission at no cost to you.

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