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Who I Am

My name is Stanley Cameau.

I’m a Father and a husband.

I Have 2 Beautiful children and a Beautiful wife. 

There is a lot of people looking for great pieces of information. As a business owner, I think I can contribute to changing life In my community and around the Globe.

Our Mission

Create an awesome life, changing other people life.

How I will do it

A little bit of my Story...


 I was working a full-time job as a chef at a restaurant, in one of the richest hotels in palm beach, also, I was an UBER Driver and musician. I’m sure that sounds crazy but I use to work 2 jobs, sometimes 3, so my wife could stay home and take care of my 2 beautiful children.

On March 15th, 2020 I left work at 5 am in the morning and I was scheduled to work the next night. Later on, my boss texted me and told ” Stanley stay home due to Coronavirus cases that being risen so high they will have to close the company for a couple of days, that’s turn to 6 months and 9 months with no job. As you already know a lot of people died and get infected with that coronavirus in palm beach county Florida.

since then I’ve been staying home and waiting. I’ve got the stimulus check that’s gone a couple of weeks later “scared of driving Uber because of the Coronavirus” after that get my unemployment compensation check etc.

I tried to open my own business and did not succeed because of the pandemic.

But I look everywhere, check the internet looking for how I can make some money on the side to cover my bills because I was not planning on going back to my overnight job, and I was also broke.

I was on Facebook in the morning while I was in the bathroom, I saw an Ad, that says [“FREE VIDEO: Do You Want To Copy My Million Dollar Per Year Online Business?“] “I watched the video and after I watched that guy that was Jeff Lerner “The video was about How to make money online doing affiliate marketing” and I click on the link and go get my debit card out and sign up.

I started with the program They give me an Advisor and then a coach to work with me. I learn so much from the program and they refer me to some great books/audiobooks, and that’s when I started finding my route.

In my first year, I was able to make $72 in sales and planing on scaling this year.

Are you broke right now, don’t sit back and complain.

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