Five (5) myths that stop people from becoming a millionaire

5 myths that kill potential millionaires.

Lately, I’ve been researching a lot about why some people become millionaires…and why others don’t. The result I found might surprise you. Five (5) myths that stop people from becoming a millionaire.


The number of people who understand that those myths are dreams killer created their path to success, and make it to the top 5% of people who are living a millionaire lifestyle.


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During my research, I noticed a lot of myths floating around about people who become millionaires.


Myths that kill potential millionaires


Here are just a few…

  1. They are either a trust fund baby or got licky
  2. They have a certain type of personality or charisma
  3. They have never had a job so always had spare time
  4. Never experienced any setback or failure
  5. None of them start from zero

The list goes on and on.


I just found that most millionaires and wealthy people around the world aren’t born rich or have rich parents.

They bug me because all of those myths stop the people who deserve a break the most from getting it.

I just want to jump around, wave my hands around in the air, and tell people: “Don’t believe them. Believe me! my students and I are proof that all of those myths are garbage!”

If you can see past the myths and want to join us in proving them very wrong? Click this here! but don’t get me wrong the majority of people who are going to read this blog are those who prefer pills or surgery, but not the gym to get six-packs abs.

What is wealth creation

Wealth creation is the steady and consistent accumulation of assets and income over a period of time. Everyone knows how wealth is created, but most don’t actually want to do it. Everyone’s dream is to be healthy, to be rich and wealthy, or have a great family, but anything in life comes with a cost, but most people don’t want to go through the process, because in their mind they think it is too hard.

How many people do you know want to be fit by example or gain muscles? and, what is the best way to gain muscles? Every single human being knows the best way to lose weight or build muscles is to go to the gym right?

Most people prefer pills or surgery, fitness programs that don’t help or diet, etc, but not the gym. Unfortunately, those are not the solution. That is why most people die of stress and not being comfortable in their skin because of their size. And it is not different to create wealth.

To create wealth is the same, the best way to create wealth is by having cash flow, creating passive income. Passive income means having income coming in with little or no effort.

There are a lot of ways to create wealth except having a job, a job is good but you most likely operating at the lowest level. People who have become millionaires with a job are not regular 9-5. No one will be able to create wealth with a job, jobs are not passive, you have to show up to get paid.

Most of the wealthy are regular people like us who create their path to success, by taking massive action and leveraging knowledge and education from coaches and mentorship. Are you interested in business coaching?

Another word for wealth

Defining wealth can be different depending on the person who’s define it. There are a lot of words that are referring to wealth, in the bible, the word wealth might mean prosperity, rich, or, well-being/wise. In other cases, it might be different words. Wealth is not really about money but values, or asset.

Wealthy is calculated by adding different assets together and giving an estimate of what that person probably net worth is. It is not always accurate, that is why they always estimate net worth.

Types of wealth

what is the four(4) type of wealth?

  • Financial wealth” money, income&asstes
  • Time wealth”freedom”
  • Health weath “Physical and mental
  • Social weath “support and status”

Millionaires mindset quotes

Law of attraction this makes people a lot of money, the law of attraction niche is a very profitable market, but for some others, it’s a complete waste of time. I was wondering how someone believes he can become a millionaire by using “affirmations”. Discover the software that will reprogram your mind and body directly and place 1000 positive affirmations in your brain, fast and easy. Accomplishing your dreams right now at the touch of a button.

A lot of people in 2022 still believe by creating a vision board and writing words everywhere in their house, sitting doing nothing hoping a miracle can happen, and waking up with a million dollars in their doorsteps. Bad news It didn’t happen before, it is not happening now, and it will never happen.

I’m not trying to tell anyone don’t use affirmations because affirmations can motivate you to go and do the work necessary to achieve whatever you want to. But, I will require some work, because success is created, wealth is created.

Millionaire quotes

  1. The only way you fail is when you fall down and stay down.
  2. Happy people produce, bored people consume.
  3. If you think you can than you can
  4. Once President Barack Obama said Yes we can. Those quets are from a guy called stefen Richards read more

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If you believe in miracles, and think by just believing you will be a millionaire doing nothing, you have to rethink again. Anyone can easily create something and become a millionaire in this new digital world but it will not be happening overnight. Read again

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