What are the 5 Characteristics of an Influencer?

5 Characteristics of an influencer

Hope you find what you are looking for in this blog, listen, I’m a real person, not a robot. I will do my best to answer all your questions, so, What are the 5 Characteristics of an Influencer?


In the meantime let me ask you this. What motivated you to become an influencer? Don’t answer yet, make sure you read the whole blog, and, leave your answer in the comment section below.


Since 2020 the pandemic has forced a lot of people to become influencers and some became influencers accidentally and end up making a lot of money like Khaby Lame and a lot more.


I will talk about the 5 characteristics of an influencer, but before I go further, I have to answer this question. what is an influencer?


Characteristics of an influencer


There are a lot of characteristics an influencer may have, some may be more important than others. I choose these 5 characteristics because they are the most important characteristics to have if someone needs to become a successful influencer.


If you are not good at any of those and your dream is to become an influencer, don’t worry. These are skills that are learnable, don’t limit yourself.


Here are the 5 characteristics.

  • Independent work for themself
  • Consistent, coherent
  • Problems solver, help others
  • Content creators
  • Big vision, and believer


What is an influencer?


An influence is a person that has the ability to affect the behavior of his audiences or followers, or, someone that has to power to make you take any action unconsciously.


Remember, an influencer is a very knowledgeable person in a niche, whom others are considered an expert, and also a socially friendly individual.


Influencers are open-minded, friendly, readers, Independent, consistent “coherent”, problem solvers, creative, big vision, etc.


Each of these attitudes is considered a skill. Some that you have already just need to develop and some you have to learn. Learn the required skill to become an influencer here.


How to become an influencer?


Becoming an influencer is simple, and it could be difficult for others because being an influencer is a lifestyle that someone chooses and stick with it for a whole life.


And you can be an influencer in any area, like real estate, e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, arts, music, photography, stylist, content creators like bloggers or YouTubers, and whatever skill that you may have.


Being an influence is challenging and also very rewarding. For those who know or follow any influencer, it is easy to see what lifestyle they are living, because everything is public.


All influencers start by learning some new skills that allow them to work anywhere, they don’t have to hold a job and money never be a problem.


Have you ever heard that? Time money is money! Let me tell you this, in our world time is more valuable than money.


Also, they say there are only 24 hours in a day. That also is a lie, an influencer’s day is longer than 24 hours.


So, let me explain this before I get stone, let’s say you have 8hr to accomplish a task but you will get paid $800! And you call John and pay him $400 to complete the task for you in 8hr, and Joseph also got paid the other $400 for 8 hours of work.


There’s a little math there, but to be a good influencer you have to know your numbers. Let’s go back to the math. Everyone has 8 hours to work, but my 8 hours might be worth more than yours.


Your 8 hours + John 8 hours + Joseph 8 hours =24 hours, and also $800×3=$2400. Did you know that most influencers learned how to leverage other people’s time very well? Learn how to leverage others’ time that way you can have time to enjoy your life.


How to be a good influencer?


To be a good influencer you will need to follow the steps below, but remember to do deeper research. It is easy but takes time, discipline and consistency.


#1. Choose a niche, so what is a niche? read this blog about that…

#2. Know your niche

#3. Follow 5 different influencers in that exact niche and comprehend them, but don’t duplicate them.

#4. Learn how to tell your story in an interesting way.

#5. Figure out how you can benefit your audience, by solving their problems.


Those 5 tips above are just your roadmap, true influencers figure out their craft, and make it work in their favor. After figuring those you can start working on your copy, your style, and everything.


Top social media influencers


Social media that I know personally or that followed, are not artists, singers, stylists, or rappers. But I do know some, but I don’t follow them, because Instead of letting someone influence me, I better influence others.


The top social media influencers that I follow are, Gary V, Tony Robins, Marcus the affiliate marketing dude, Jeff Learner of Entre Institute, and also he has a CRM software for businesses called Entresoft, and the last one is myself as an influencer because I have almost 1000s videos on the internet.


Well, I don’t a large fan base or followers yet but it’s coming. And don’t forget to visit Millionairetek‘s youtube channel.


LinkedIn influencers

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TikTok influencer

Instagram influencers

Amazon influence

Youtube Influencers

Fashion influencer

Food influencer

Digital influencers

Good influencer

Travel influencer

Management influencer

Find influencers




Pretty much you’ve learned a lot in this blog, including five (5) characteristics of an influencer in this short blog, and I think that you’re ready to become one, answer this question.


And remember perfectionism does not exist, you just have to practice by doing it and become the person you’ve been dreaming of. Take action


If you had to start today and build a fan-based, what niche would you choose, and what motivated you to choose that niche?

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