How to make money selling other people’s products online.

Selling other people's products online

Online business is growing and growing and growing every day. All kinds of people from everywhere on earth are of looking for online opportunities. But the question is “How to make money selling other people’s products online?”


Working from home, and selling other people’s products online is the best job ever that someone can have. You don’t have to fight your boss anymore, no more annoying coworkers, and no need to fight the traffic, or rush to get to a job that you hate. Everything can be done in your comfort zone.


But, don’t start smiling yet, because it’s not as easy, as you are reading this blog. It requires motivation and commitment because human gets lazy when they are too comfortable.


This is why in this blog I will talk about the best internet business where a lot of people are making six figures online right now.


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Sell products for companies online.


Sell products for companies online.


Welcome to the new world.


The art of selling other people’s products started between the 1990s to 1993. That was the period when an online shop flower founded by William J Tobin called PC flower, started a referral program” what they called affiliate marketing nowadays”.


Affiliate marketing is the new referral way, you just send people to a funnel or website, and when the person purchases, the product owner shares the money with you ” you received a commission”.


Many companies right now, start using this strategy to grow and make more money. It is worldwide and works everywhere as soon as there’s an internet connection you can make money by selling other people’s products.


The Affiliate marketing business is the fastest-growing online industry, and it’s expected to reach 8 billion dollars in the U.S. only by the end of 2022.


Products to sell to make money


When it comes to selling products, it’s a little confusing especially if someone is new. Now, where to start, what to promote, and whether you should sell physical or digital products. It is a lot, but this is the reason for this blog, to guide you in the right direction.


Digital, or Physical?


There are 2 types of products you can promote online, each has their benefit and is inconvenient.


Selling Digital Product


The digital product is the type of product you can promote, and that does not require any shipping, the product owner, not paying for a place to store the product, no building insurance, etc.


Selling a digital product is more beneficial because the owner doesn’t have any extra cost to hold the product, and all transactions are happening online digitally.


I love digital products because I can earn more commission, and even earn a recurring commission for a product sold 2 years ago.


If you wonder where will I find products to promote and make money? This is why I will introduce you to CLICKBANK.


ClickBank is a digital platform, where online business owners list their products. And it is free to join as a new person who’s looking to make your first sale online.


They pay up to 90% of the sale and also most ClickBank products have a recurring commission, which means you can get passive income or get paid over and over as soon as the customer still paying for the product.


Selling physical product


Physical products are different then digital because, the product owners or the companies have a lot of extra costs like rent, building insurance, and employees to care for they don’t or can pay a lot.


Platforms like Amazon affiliate, CJ affiliate, Shareasale, etc. Pays you from 2% to 15% max. And each product has its own % rates.


Selling digital products on Amazon


Amazon is not too friendly with new people, because each platform has its own requirement but Amazon is more difficult.

To start selling Amazon physical or digital product

  • You need a website with visitors, if you are new and don’t have a website, Amazon won’t approve you.
  • It’s required you to make a sale in the first 90 days you join their affiliate program, if not they will cancel your account.


Are interested in online business?


This is the best time to start before it’s too late and before the competitions become too much, If my # one recommendation for you, having no previous experience? don’t worry MillionaireTek got you covered.


All that is required is for you to be committed to the process and go out there and crush in. Before 2020 I didn’t know if people can sell other people’s products online to make money.


Affiliate marketing is big marketing, they are millions of vendors that are busy creating products every day and don’t have time to sell their products for them.


This is where you work as a middleman and make a lot of money in the process.




Now only one blog can give everything you need to learn about affiliate marketing, even if I write 3000 blogs still it won’t be enough, this is why my mentor Jeff Lerner the CEO Of Entre Institute Create one of the best programs that teach everything.

And as well he has a coaching program to hold your hand and help you succeed, no time to play there’s a lot of money to be made online.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links in this blog are affiliate links, I might get compensated when clicking on a link and purchasing something. It is required by law to make sure I let you know that.


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