The truth about how to earn from digital marketing

Digital marketing

Learn the truth about how to earn from digital marketing in 2023, this is a step-by-step and most efficacy way to make money digitally online.


Earning money has typically been associated with and restricted to the traditional ‘offline’ route. With the Internet, the digital world taking over a large part of our lives, more people are looking for ways to earn money from digital marketing, to increase their finances with secondary income streams.


You should be mindful of the platform that you choose. While there are numerous ways to earn money digitally, some of these might be fake. Also, do not expect to earn a huge amount quickly when using some online avenues to earn money.


With a situation involving more time at home and/or more free time in general, maybe fewer working hours for some, some of you might have some free time on hand. There are online platforms, websites, and tools that can help you earn money digitally in this new marketing world.


 How to earn from digital marketing?

Since the pandemic started in 2020, people that you would have never thought of being on the internet, are vigorously online looking for opportunities, and fortunately, a lot of them are successful and even become millionaires.


Uber/Lyft was the only side hustle most people known as a side hustle before 2020, but now there are millions because the internet has everything you could imagine, to create passive income without working that hard inside your house.


Moms and Dads are now staying home, home-schooling their kids while making 6 figure incomes from digital marketing.


Digital marketing 2020 to 2021 graph 

Digital marketing graph

The road to creating financial freedom and time freedom is now wide open anyone can get in, and there’s only one rule to succeed at it is ” to have a business”.


Yes, no one ever makes six fingers on a job except if you are the CEO or a high-paying executive director, but regular are digitally making 6 figures a year, some people make it in a month or even in a day


Are you willing to do what is required to succeed online? The online game is like a marathon, the basics of starting your own business and succeeding are to have the right mindset, and focus on the end game.


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How does digital marketing work?

how digital marketing works

To understand the make money online game(digital marketing), you have to understand the traditional way of doing business, it is the same rule applies to the traditional and the digital world except to start online there are fewer requirements.


No need to rent a building, no inspection from the city or states, no expensive equipment, not in staff employees, and no need to pay insurance. it only requires commitment, a laptop, and an internet connection.


Digital marketing is the best and easiest way to earn passive income on the internet. Most people think that it is something that is complicated, and hard. But, business is hard there’s no way around it, but having a job is harder.


To succeed in business, you will have to do the work, but in this new digital marketing world, you don’t have to do all the work. People are leveraging systems, and software to do all the heavy lifting.


The digital world is to do the work once and get paid over and over, that’s why most business online owners don’t have one income stream, but many.

How much money does digital marketing make?

The average salary for a digital marketer per year in the United States. varies from entry-level to experience level. Reported January 17, 2022. 


Here is the overview of digital marketer’s salaries per job title:

  • Junior digital marketer salary with no experience – $60k per year
  • Salary for digital marketing specialists (from 5 to 9 years of experience) – $75K per year
  • Digital marketing manager salary (10+ years of professional experience) – $97K per year
  • Digital marketing salary of freelancers –  the hourly rate is between $50 and $250 


It is important to understand that not all digital marketing positions are equal. Digital marketers with a wide range of skills and rich professional experience work in manager positions, and therefore their salary in digital marketing is higher.


But, there is always a but, managing your own business online from your house is different, you are the one who decides how much money you want to make.


The statistic up there doesn’t apply to the small business owner but to employees.


Digital Marketing Specialists?

Digital marketing professionals work to launch effective online marketing strategies and translate the business goals of companies into successful marketing campaigns.


They know how to evaluate the needs of the consumer market(market analysis) and how and where to gain knowledge about consumer demands and trends.


Specialists in digital marketing are responsible for developing the strategy that companies use for marketing their products online. Here is the list of skills needed to be a successful digital marketing specialist:


  1. Excellent creative and presentation skills
  2. Knowing the basics of marketing
  3. Know how to plan, develop, and implement a marketing strategy
  4. Know the current marketing trends and news
  5. Knowledge of the marketing areas, including SEO optimization, email marketing, content marketing, social media, etc.)
  6. Ability to develop a social presence

I found this helpful article that might help you!


How to start a career in digital marketing?


A digital marketing career is easy to start, no need to go to college or a trade school wasting years of learning. I’m not a specialist in digital marketing and have not been doing it for long either. It’s just the basics that I’m using.


All pieces of information about how to start your marketing career, and earn from digital marketing can be found online or free on YouTube. Even though YouTube is the worst platform to learn, especially when you’re trying to build something to make money.


To shorten the process and avoid all distractions on the internet. This is my # recommendation, purchase the digital marketing blueprint for a small fee of $39, In 6 weeks you can have all the basics to start.


Digital marketing basic


  1. Create your own website
  2. Choose one digital marketing channel or niche to focus on
  3. Learn about your digital marketing channel or niche you focus on
  4. Execute while you’re learning
  5. Familiarize yourself with free and paid digital marketing tools


Not everyone can do it, and some will never make a dime even after watching a million hours of videos on youtube and reading millions of blogs on google.


Success does not depend on the system or software most people use but on personal effort. I was reading a book and the author says that most American know how to become a millionaire.


Some have shelves of books and PHDs but don’t know how to put what they know into practice, if you are going from blog to blog video to video, reading books, you need to stop and go to my home page, download the millionaire shortcut and take action.



This should answer your question on how to earn from digital marketing, it’s never been that easy before to make money.


special now since they launch ChatGPT, this ai machine answer most of the question and give most strategy to get the money that you are looking for.


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