kw finder review: Best keyword niche finder 2022

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Are you an amateur or beginner blogger who’s not making a lot of money blogging yet, and in need of a great SEO tool to help you level up your game and rank on Google faster? If this is you, read this Kwfinder review blog through the end and you will thank me later.


kw finder review: Best keyword niche finder 2022


Today’s blog is about Kwfinder, a cheap keyword SEO tool that has changed my understanding of keywords/SEO problems that I had on my blogging business. And you can start your 10-day free trial right now.


Kwfinder, what is it exactly?


KWfinder is a keywords research tool that can expel tons of keyword ideas, with monthly search numbers and surprisingly accurate keyword difficulty scores. It also has an advanced keyword research feature for keyword research with filtering results and analyzing SERP, however, not everyone will like it.


Kwfinder keyword filtering


This tool has all the features that all those big SEO and keyword tool has, and it’s laid out easily, beginner-friendly, and anyone can use it whether you are a beginner or a pro it doesn’t matter.


Kwfinder SERPchecker


The SERP checker in KWfinder allows you to spy on your competitor’s keywords, helps you evaluate your keyword and why they are using those keywords, that way you can rank on the search engine higher than your competitors


KWfinder SERPwatcher


This feature allows you to analyze your website or your competitor’s website to spy on their keywords, see how many and what keywords they are ranking for, and what position they rank.


This will help you know in advance, what keywords to target and how to rank your blog faster in search engines. You can set up the SERP watcher and any new keyword rank you see in your Kwfinder dashboard.


Kwfinder Linkminer


Help you find powerful backlinks. It also does deep analyses on any website you choose to analyze, it gives how many backlinks they have, Link strength, Citation flow trust flow, Ref IPs, Ref domains, number of external links from each page, and more.


Kwfinder siteprofiler


Sorry, this is my website profile millionairetek, but before I found Kwfinder it was all zero. This allows you to dig deeper into your competitor, see everything that’s happening in their business and how you can mimic them and make your website even better than your competitors.


Kwfinder siteprofiler


How many keywords for SEO


Seo target 3 or 4 keywords minimum, but there’s no limit on how many keywords you can use on your blog. To find more keywords kw finder gives you related keywords with their monthly search volume and KD, the trend, CPC, PPC, and SERPoverview for your search look at the screenshot below.


how many keywords for SEO


Best keyword difficulty software


Is Kwfinder the best keyword difficulty software? well, this is a tuff question because I haven’t used all of the software out and there are a lot of them, it is so difficult for some people to find the best one.


Are you looking for the best one or one that can give you the result that you looking for? This software is giving you the exact score. Try it for free here


kwfinder price


This is a really cheap software, by the way, I was looking to buy Ahrefs because that’s what all marketers and bloggers that know have used. Since I was not a big one in the market and my blog has not brought me a lot of revenue, I could not afford Ahrefs and I was looking around and found Kwfinder.


kwfinder price


Kwfinder has a 10-day free trial TRY IT NOW, I thank 10 days will give you enough time if you don’t like it to either stay with the free version or look for a better alternative.


kw finder free account

kwfinder alternatives


The best alternative for kw finder will be Ahrefs because Ahrefs has the closest price range which is $99 a month for their cheapest plan.


kwfinder affiliate


When you sign with Kwfinder with their basic plan, you automatically become an affiliate, you can promote their software, and anytime you have someone sign up for their affiliate program here. You will get a 30% commission on each full payment made by any referred user.


In case of a discounted price, the commission will be reduced by the percentage of the amount discounted…




Since I give you almost all the details needed to make a better decision, whether this keyword tool is for you or not. You can try their 10-day free trial and if it doesn’t meet your requirement you can stay with the free version or moved on.

Remember I’m also an affiliate for Kwfinder/Mongools Click here to try the 10-day free trial. Read more…

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