How to make money on Amazon without selling?

My friend asks me if I know a place online where he can make money, but he doesn’t want to sell anything because he’s not good at selling because he’s afraid of talking to people.

I told him, yes he can actually make money on Amazon, and not only Amazon there are more than 100 websites where he can make money without selling anything.

Don’t believe me keep reading!

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Probably you would think that ” this guy is crazy, he doesn’t know what he’s writing about, or you might say in your mind I should not keep reading this blog, but hold on do not leave yet.

If you read this blog till the end, I might help you understand how to use the internet and  makes money.

 How many people are making money on Amazon and some other websites without selling anything right now?

You might be surprised or went like how in the world, I have never heard about that before, Well stay tuned.

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Amazon online shopping

According to this website statistic, In the world of e-commerce Amazon is a platform that no one can’t afford to ignore. In the 25 years since this platform was created Amazon has grown to become the top e-commerce platform in the US.

Each month more than 197 million people around the world get on their devices and visit That’s more than the entire population of Russia.

Now you might start thinking, maybe I should keep reading! Of course, you should.

what to sell to make money?

This is not about what to sell, because today I’m going to talk about how you can make money without doing the selling, managing the product, etc.

The product owner will manage all the storing, customer support, and shipping, all you will have to do is bring traffics to the product and make a commission on each sale.

The are several ways you can make money on Amazon without selling anything, maybe in another blog I might go over some other ways, but today, I’m going to stick with only one way because this one, I’m doing it personally which is affiliate marketing.

The best way to make money on Amazon is, through their affiliate program. Please visit this blog Affiliate marketing for beginners where I talked a little about affiliate marketing and I made a youtube video you can go watch after you are done reading this blog.

How to make money on amazon without a product

Amazon affiliate program, click on the video below to learn more, in the video, you will learn how to create your account, and where you need to go to create your affiliate account on the Amazon website.

If you don’t want to click on the video, go to and scroll down before the last section you will see a button that says “Become an Affiliate” click on it, add your information, and send it for approval.

To create the account they will ask you how a few questions, answer them and make sure you check all their requirements.

One of their requirement is to have a website, if you don’t have a website already I highly recommend that you start working on creating one, why?

A website now a day is like having a house in 1980, if you can find your gran-ma or gran-pa ask them. A long time ago regular people didn’t want to invest in real estate because the house was so cheap and lands were everywhere no one wants them, in today’s time a lot of people regret it.

This is exactly the same I wish in 20 years you can come back and read this again.

If you create your website today in 20 years your website will be worth millions. I’m telling you this because no one wanted to listen to Jeff Bezos 25 years ago because his Idea was worthless.

How to promote Amazon product?

This is where things might be a little bit complicated but let me tell you this, do you know how many of your friends and family buying on Amazon right now? Ask them. Every day Amazon trucks stop by your house to deliver boxes.

Start being comfortable with the website learn how to search for products, and read understand the description of the product that you are interested in promoting. I almost forget before you do anything you have to choose a Niche click here to learn more about Niche.

After you choose your niche and you understand what you want to do, ask your friend or family member to search for products on for them, log in to your affiliate account search for the product and send them the link.

Anytime someone purchases something through your Amazon affiliate link you will get paid a commission. After you are comfortable doing it for your friend and now it’s time to scale up.

How to promote your product on Amazon

There are a zillion ways to promote Amazon affiliate products, learn more about how to get free traffic here.

There are several methods of getting traffic, some are paid and some are organic (free traffic) which means you don’t pay for that traffic but you will need to do the work, and sometimes take longer.

For paid traffic, you can start making sales the same day launch the campaign but for Organic or free traffic it might take more than 6 month before you start getting serious traffic.

If someone is a complete beginner and never run a campaign before, it may take you years before understand how the traffic system works.

Remember this business is all about getting traffic, more traffic someone can drive more money possible.

But most people quit before they even understand how these traffic method works.

And after your friends and families, you will need to take your game to the next level and start making good and serious money.

Below are some free traffic platforms, these platforms can help your get visitors to your offers.

  • Facebook, you can promote your product on Facebook, you can leverage a Facebook group, or create your own business page. But, do not direct linking on Facebook, because Facebook does not accept affiliate links.
  • Youtube, to promote or sell your product on youtube, you need to make Youtube videos. The best way to do that is to do product reviews. Grab a product on Amazon and do a short video reviewing that product and put your link in the description.
  • Instagram, To sell on Instagram it’s easier than on Facebook or Youtube but still, you need to learn how to create quality and optimize images Learn more here
  • Some other Platform you can leverage The list is long but I will list just a few here.
  • Tweeter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit etc


Now you must have a great understanding of how to start your affiliate Amazon business, remember if you do it as a business you will get a business result, if you do it as a job you will get a job result and if you don’t do anything you won’t get anything back…

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