How to save money fast on a low income.

How to save money fast on a low income.

living a simple life with little money

In this blog, I will reveal how you can save money and live an extraordinary lifestyle with only what you make in your job. Do want to know the secret of living a simple life with little money? 

Most people will tell you, to save your money and live a debt-free life, but it is not that simple.

I will tell you exactly how to do it and save a lot of money.

This blog is based on my experience, it is not guaranteed, but if you follow along you can save big in time.

How to save money with a low income?


To save money fast will require some discipline and focus on yourself. Most people spend their money trying to impress others, and that creates a lot of poverty in the world.

A few things to do to save money.

saving money on low income

# 1 reduce your phone bill

According to a little search I made on Google, the average American phone bill is 127.37/month.

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My phone bill is $113 for 3 months, yes I paid my phone bill every 3 months and I have more than what everyone paid, like unlimited internet, text worldwide free, international minutes, etc. Check it now

#2 – Shopping at a thrift store

Do you know that you find brand new clothes, most of the expensive brand names on a thrift store or goodwill?

All my clothes are brand name, and inexpensive. I purchased a Hugo boss jacket for $14 and the price tag from Macy’s says $299

#3-Hand made furniture

All my furniture are hand made, my wife check online and in-store prices, and she bought the online and do the assemblage ourselves that alone save us $1000s of dollars on furniture

#4-Open a second savings bank account.

2018 I was planning on buying my first home, and I can tell you I’m not good at saving money, After I spoke with a friend he advised me to talk to a teller.

I went to the bank the next day and I ask how I can save money to buy my first home, the teller told me that they can open a sub share account for me and I can do direct deposit, but I will not have access to it if I want the money I will have to go the bank ask them to wire the money to my account.

They created the account for me and I put  15% of my earn income into that account

save money live better, How to save money on your phone bill

#5 – cook at home

You will not believe how much cooking at home will benefit you, health-wise and money-wise. McDonald’s is more expensive than a good meal at home and can save you 1000’s a month.

There are more  and more ways to say but I listed only for, the most important one is #4 always have sub share savings and that money belong to you but you can’t access to that money


Discipline yourself and for sure if most Americans try that, only on your phone bills if you cut $30 off your bill, you can save up to 10,950 a year. That 10.950 could be a down payment on your next home. Visit my website and there you can learn how you invest your money and create a sustainable business online, click here! 

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