Financially Independent, a new way to retire early

financial independent

I promise you if you failed it’s not your fault, if you’re not financially independent, Blame the system that is trying to keep you On life support. Because this is how they make their fortune.


That’s why they messed up your mind since you were a child, and grow up with a wrong mindset about money.

They purposely train you since kindergarten to be a slave of a corporate company by not providing any financial education.


They tell you to work 40 years and retire broke(sorry, happy) but most people live a few years after their retirement and die of regret because what they get from the government the SS Paycheck can’t even pay their rent.

financially independent, New way to retire lies

financial independent lies

What do they tell you to do to retire?

  1. Start saving, keep saving, and stick to it.
  2. Know your retirement needs. … 
  3. Contribute to your employer’s retirement.
  4. Learn about your employer’s pension plan. … 
  5. Consider basic investment principles. … 
  6. Don’t touch your retirement savings. … 
  7. Ask your employer to start a plan. … 
  8. Put money into an Individual’s Retirement.

Here’s a story, my dad was a great worker,  worked overtime every day, don’t have time for fun and family. When he passed someone else paid for his Funeral.


You might say oh! He didn’t save for his retirement or, he wasted his money… But nope, he didn’t, He did exactly what the system told him to do…


How many retired people do you know that are living their dream life after their retirement?

Not a lot….


In the picture above they tell everything to do to retire except invest. The new way to retire early is to invest your money not save.


Money saved lost value, inflation goes up every year by 3%, and your saved money value decrease by 3% every year.

In 2012, they were selling a condo across from my mother’s house in west palm beach for $28k, none of us in the neighborhood did see any value in it.

The same exact house is selling for $250k in 2023, let’s say I had $28k in the bank in 2012, Right? If you do not understand the picture let me explain.


If I bought that house in 2012, now we are in 2023, my $28k investment could be worth $250k

The game is investor again consumer


Financially independent mindset, Employee VS Business owner

Average people don’t have it all, can’t take 2 or 3 vacations a year traveling the world, employees can’t retire early even after retirement some still need a part-time.


 Now, what is the difference?

The difference Between an employee and a business owner, business owners have more control over what they doing, and they can scale what they doing and add more people to help.


A business owner doesn’t need to be in the business, they create what they call passive income. They leverage other people’s time so they can have time to have fun with their families, travel, and live anywhere they want in the world.

And the good thing about that is their business pay for everything.


Do you ever ask yourself that question? How come rich people like Donald Trump don’t pay taxes? Does Donald Trump need to retire?

Here’s the truth, their business covers everything, all their expenses. And what’s funny about it is, you pay taxes when you earn money.

 Business owners don’t earn money.


About retirement? only financially broke people need to retire, Rich people don’t retire because they have it all.


Being financially independent in 2023


Now in 2023, you can live a rich lifestyle, and never retire, don’t take my word for the gospel do your own research.

Regular people are becoming millionaires like crazy In this new digital world and becoming financially independent.

Do you know how that happens?

Most people don’t believe in the lies of the system and they don’t follow the system, they don’t go to school, but they educate themself instead.


School teaches you how to be a good employee.

I hate the system, and that’s the only way I could make $72k in my first year in the business working part-time. Really? $72k? How?

The time when people believe you have to get a degree to make good money has gone a long time ago. With no prior skill and knowledge, no experience In the digital business world.


The funniest thing is I’m not a native English-speaking guy until now my English sucks and if I don’t use a software I could not even write a blog post.


So, no excuses, if I can do it, you can do it better. Just stop trusting in the school system, or the media that is telling you that you suck, and you can’t achieve anything in your life.


If you want to change your situation, make more money, have time freedom, and spend more time with your kids and families, you have to start a business Online. Here’s My # recommendation, which starts today.


Businesses to start to become financially independent



If you are close to retirement and broke, start an online business. Most people now instead of having a part-time job, start an online business and keep their full-time job.

The Pros of business online

1- Passive income

2-unlimited Potential(24/7, 365) Because of scale/Internet

3- Work from Anywhere in the world

4-Very low Capital, Low Overheads

5-High Profit Margins & High Earnings

6- Independence/creative

7- Do not Need special skills/CERTIFICATION/Experiences

8-No Shipping/no customer support

9- Don’t need to show your face/celebrity(you can if you want)

10-Skills you learn are transferable to any online business you want to pursue


The cons of Business Online


  1. Takes Time to Achieve Results
  2. Content takes work
  3. no control of product/service
  4. maintenance(update content)
  5. Easy to get distracted
  6. Commissions/terms can change overnight


Do you want to start your affiliate business promoting a high-ticket product?

Now you can be an affiliate of Entre Institute, no need to join their coaching program, no need to join  Iner-Circle, no need to join their mastermind.


You can promote Entre and make thousands per sale. Remember Entre is high ticket product(High-ticket means a company that pays $1000 or more per sale)


The mindset you will need


It’s easy to get distracted, when you are learning a new skill or when something is new to you.

Sometimes your subconscious mind tries to stop you from anything that is new because it wants to protect you from getting hurt.

It just wants you to be comfortable. But the comfort zone never gives you the result that you want.


Sometimes you have to train your subconscious mind to accept challenges. I know it’s hard, because, when I first started online I was building my business, not only friends were telling me that I was wasting time and money, my mindset was off.


But one thing that I did and I will never regret I took that decision, I search for help. I read motivational books (not read, listen, now I start reading but before no, books were my biggest enemy!)


Yah! I had to convince my mind, I had to train my mind. Until now even though I start seeing results, even though I made $72K my first year, I’m still skeptical.


So, if you are skeptical right now, and you don’t know if this is for you or not? Let me tell you this, it might be true because this is not for everybody, especially, procrastinators.


Internet businesses are not for everybody, some people have been on Facebook for 12 years and never post a picture of (her/him) self.

But, if you take a small action, in the next coming years, your income could triple and that could change your life forever.




I was reading a quote this morning that one of the influencers that follow on Facebook posted that says.

“What kills us isn’t one big thing, but thousands of tiny obligations we can’t turn down for fear of disappointing others.”

Becoming financially independent in 2023 is just a tiny decision you have to take. Start either an online marketing business or an agency.

Now if you say you don’t know how to do that, click here to get all the details that you need.


If you are still skeptical, my advice is to start investing in yourself and get skills because the more skills you have easier it is to create financial independence.





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