14 secrets of a self-made millionaire, Create an Extraordinary Income & Build a Million-Dollar Net Worth

14 secrets of self made millionaire

If you have always wanted to build a million-dollar net worth, then it’s time you learn how you can make your dreams a reality right now!, in this blog, I will talk about 14 secrets, all self-made millionaires have used to create their success.

It does not require a Harvard Business Degree, good luck, or lots of capital to make it. With a strong desire, the right mindset, and the right-making strategies, you will find that anyone can become a self-made millionaire.

This is the most practical, powerful & comprehensive blog I have ever written on how to create, manage, multiply and enjoy your money. Entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, executives, and anybody who has ever dreamed of getting out of the rat race and onto the path of financial freedom, are really interested in this topic.

Secrets of a self-made millionaire

There are a lot of secrets when it’s come to creating wealth or becoming a self-made millionaire. But I chose 14 today to talk about, but don’t get me wrong most of them you know already, you’ve been using them for other stuff and in other areas of your life.

The good thing about success, if you can succeed in one area, the same tactic and strategy can be used in all other areas.

14 secrets of a self-made millionaire

Those 14 secrets, If you are good in all of them nothing can stop you from succeeding, but if you are weak in one of them, that can stop you or hold you back from achieving your dreams.

1-Dream big dreams

Dream big about what you want to achieve, the life you want to live, and the difference you want to make. Dream big about the person you want to become because you might surprise yourself.

You have no idea what you’re capable of until you dreamed about it and make it happen.

Develop a vision of yourself living the dream that you want to live, picture yourself there.

Look for people that already achieve what you want and follow them, read their stories and practice what they do. If you could ask them questions.

2-Do what you love to do

Successful people are people who do what they love to do and do it right, do it enough until others find value in that, and reward them. I was listening to Dr. Myles Munroe, he said in his sermon “Be valuable to the world and the world will pay you to be yourself”. I hope you understand that quote!

Go back in time, to when you were a little child, what were you dreaming of becoming most of the time your kid’s dream is the real dream but circumstances in life make you push your dream away and end up doing everything that you hate in life.

The only way to find the right way is to know that you’ve lost your way, come back and start over.

Find out what you love to do and find a way to make a living from it, that will motivate you. Learn how you can use skills that you already have and Make a living from them.

3-Commit to excellence

Be in to top 10% of what you doing. Whatever you’re doing make sure you do it in a way that, when someone talking about that subject you are the only reference. But before you can be in the top 10%! don’t forget you have to start below zero.

That is the most challenging part when it comes to people, they want to start and be good at whatever they doing without going through the learning process, without any skills. In other to be in the top 10%, you can’t skip any steps, you have to go from the worst to the best.

Start at the bottom of 10% and master your field. The time frame to be a master in any field is up to 8 years. You will say that this is a lot of time, but let’s say you don’t do anything, 8 years from now you will still be broke. Maybe if you start now in 8 years you could be a self-made millionaire. Learn a new skill that could change your life.

4-Develop Your unique talents and ability

Everyone, in general, is generically structured to do something they enjoy, love to do, do it well, and get great satisfaction from it. What are you good at?

The other day I post something on Tiktok, and there was a Lady who commented” I don’t have talents. I talk shit and secretly judge people(as I do the same as them)” Really?

Some people take everything good you say and turn it into a joke. Even those people, make more money than anyone in the united state that have a job. I was listening to Dr. Myron Golden on youtube, and he explained what is the four-level of values, he said the lowest value is the people who used their muscles to work.

People who used their minds make 4 times more than someone who uses their muscles.

5-See yourself as self-employed

This is the tuff one, see yourself as self-employed, Brian Tracy says in one of his videos, that the Top 3% of adult in our society sees themself as self-employed.

Whatever you do in life, even in your job, your boss who signed your paycheck is not in charge of you, You are in charge of your own life. That means there’s only 3 % when they are doing something they do as their own business.

6-Develop a clear sense of direction, goal-oriented

Most successful business owners or individuals who made it in life are goals Oriented. Most people have dreams but to achieve your dream you have to wake up, take your dream create a plan of achievement.

Defined what you want in life, Draw a line from where you at right now to where you want to be. You can’t hit a target that you can not see, know what you want in all areas of your life, and make a plan of achievement.

Start with the smallest one to the most challenging one, But everything has to be written down on paper.

7-Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning

Everyone knows that life is a learning process, even if you learn things that can help you grow or things that can make you poorer, it doesn’t matter if you’ve learned something every day in your life.

I was talking to my coach yesterday, and he told me that they are working on a mastery program for business owners only. Since I Join their program, I started my business and start making money, now I can join their mastery program, so I can scale my business.

To become a self-made millionaire you need:

  • Personal Development
  • Read in your field 30 to 60mns everyday
  • Take every course you possibly can
  • Go to seminars given by professionals in your field, and make connections
  • Spend more time working in the field

8-Develop a workaholic mentality

The 40-plus formula says that working 40 hours a week. Gets you survival and if that’s all you work, 40 hours a week you will survive but you will make no progress you don’t go ahead you just barely hang on.

According to studies, the average person in America works 59 hours per week – may work 70 or 80. But, the Average self-made millionaire in America works six days per week rather than the usual five.

My coach told me one day, freedom is not free, to enjoy it you work in front and enjoyed it later.

Most self-made millionaires work from, 4 to 10 hours per week, but before they can scale their business to a few million dollars, they work all day and all night, with no vacation and no freedom for a couple of years.

9-Get around the right people

One of the best keys to becoming a self-made millionaire is to surround yourself with people that are in the position that you want to be in.

Don’t worry if you see when start hanging out with millionaires, your old friend will turn back on you. That’s fine because usually, that’s how it is, you create who you want in your environment.

One of the best things is when you surround yourself with right-minded people, they will influence you and they will guide your way. They will help you grow, and they will force you to take good actions.

10- Be prepared to climb from fears to peak

Life is not one continuous train, Life is like when you are watching a stock market graph, it always goes up and down. Be prepared in advance for the downside, because if you don’t you will get hurt. Be like an ant planning your winter in the summer.

11-Develop resilience and bounce back

Thomas Edison made thousands of prototypes of the incandescent light bulb before he finally got it right. And, since the prolific inventor was awarded more than 1,000 patents, it’s easy to imagine him failing on a daily basis.

In spite of struggling with “failure” throughout his entire working life, Edison never let it get the best of him. All of these “failures,” are reported to be in the tens of thousands. His resilience gave the world some of the most amazing inventions of the early 20th century, such as the phonograph, the telegraph, and the motion picture.

It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like if Edison had given up after his first few failures. His inspiring story forces us to look at our own lives – do we have the resilience that we need to overcome our challenges? Or do we let our failures derail our dreams? And what could we accomplish if we had the strength not to give up?

What it is, resilience and bounce back, why we need it, and how to develop it; so that we have the strength and fortitude to overcome adversity and to keep on moving forward towards our dreams and our goals. Read more Sources

12-Become an unshakable optimist

You think and talk about what you want the most all the time. People will think that you’re obsessed, but that’s ok. Look for the good in every situation, and open up to new opportunities. Learn more, try more things never lose track.

13-Develop the quality of courage and persistence

Technical skills are important these days, but personal qualities like persistence, courage, and patience can make just as big a difference in your career (and the rest of your life). You can develop each of these personal qualities much like you would a technical skill in order to improve yourself.

The biggest obstacle to success is the fear of failure

14-Develop the quality of self-discipline

Self-discipline is a skill like any other skill, it is not something you develop in one day it takes time to master it and be good at it until it becomes natural. It’s the most important secret in the 14 secrets of a self-made millionaire.

At certain times, discipline comes to us more easily than others. For example, going to the gym regularly before your big summer beach vacation. We have no problem maintaining a certain level of discipline for a short amount of time and with a very specific goal in mind. But the big question remains.

How do we maintain our discipline as a way of life? 

To develop self-discipline, follow these steps:

  • Choose a goal.
  • Find your motivation.
  • Identify obstacles.
  • Replace old habits.
  • Monitor your progress.


The number one rule that most self-made millionaires have used is to be consistent and master one skill at a time.

This post is for those who’s willing to do the work to become a self-made millionaire, not someone who prays and hopes nature will bless them one day for doing nothing.

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