Remote Work From Home 2023, How to start

How to start your online business

Did you ever see some random guys walk with a laptop all the time, and they are happy, and have 4 or 5 vacations a year, Travel the world, live in a nice house, and drive luxury cars, but they never go to work, they don’t have a job?

Always in the same coffee shop, or they are at the same place alone all the time, head down on their laptop and after 30mns they walk to their $150000.00 car.

While you are working all day and sometimes have 3 jobs, you barely make enough to pay your bills. Do you ever meet a guy or some guys like that before?

That’s crazy but do you ever ask yourself what they do? how they can have money to afford that lifestyle?

Well In this blog this is what I’m going to talk about remote Work From Home in 2023, and How to start living the laptop lifestyle.

Anyone can start today and create a business online that can bring you the same return in the future.

Did you that most of the people who are making it big online for the last 10 years started broke with nothing? Don’t believe me look it up.

Remote Work From Home 2023

This quote from Abraham Lincoln said, ” Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the ax“.

If you really think about that, there’s a really big difference between tactic and strategy.

What I really want you to understand in this blog is, what is really possible, all the great things that you can accomplish with what you already know, and the skill that you already have.

In Abraham Lincoln’s quote, most people will start chopping the tree with the dull ax, thinking that they are smart and they are hard workers.

Most entrepreneurs and online business owners use the same strategy, they spent time developing their skills and that’s how they can afford that kind of lifestyle that they called a laptop lifestyle.

If you read this blog till the end, I will talk more about, Basics of starting your own business and the Best way to make money online.

Before I go further, starting an online business, will require the right mindset and knowledge, to get the right knowledge, my #1 recommendation for you is this training click this link to join.

The best way to start an online business is to learn, the monetization strategy, how monetization work, and how many ways you can monetize.

To start an online business, what skills do you need?

People all over the internet made that mistake, thinking by copying someone’s idea, they can succeed as that person does.

The problem with copying someone’s idea is the same as what Abraham Lincoln tried to explain in his quote. When you copy someone’s idea it’s like you trying to chop down a tree with a dull ax.

And most people end up quitting because the work became too much and that’s not something they are passionate about.

In this blog, I will tell you a little bit about how anyone can start an online business and succeed at it using any skill that you already have, but when I said skill that you already have, that doesn’t mean with no training it will require the right training.

What skills do you have? what are you good at? each person on planet earth has something naturally they can do even the most uneducated person.

What you know that what you are going to use to build a successful and sustainable business online. Let’s say that I’m a musician and I can write about music, talk, and play instruments all day.

Now how do I turn that skill into money? Later in this blog, I will talk about monetization, and how you can monetize anything.

After you learn about monetization and I will talk about digital real estate which is how you will learn how to create and create passive income.

How to start an online business, Monetization.

Monetization is, broadly speaking, the process of converting something into money. The term has a broad range of uses.

In banking, the term refers to the process of converting or establishing something into legal tender.

While it usually refers to the coining of currency or the printing of banknotes by central banks, it may also take the form of a promissory currency.

The term “monetization” may also be used informally to refer to exchanging possessions for cash or cash equivalents, including selling a security interest, charging fees for something that used to be free, or attempting to make money on goods or services that were previously unprofitable or had been considered to have the potential to earn profits.

And data monetization refers to a spectrum of ways information assets can be converted into economic value.

Still another meaning of “monetization” denotes the process by which the U.S. Treasury accounts for the face value of outstanding coinage. This procedure can extend even to one-of-a-kind situations such as when the Treasury Department sold an extremely rare 1933 Double Eagle.

The coin’s nominal value of $20 was added to the final sale price, reflecting the fact that the coin was considered to have been issued into circulation as a result of the transaction.

In some industry sectors such as high technology and marketing, monetization is a buzzword for adapting non-revenue-generating assets to generate revenue. Source

Monetization is therm used to turn your property into passive income. There are different types of monetization.

  1. The best one is the affiliate link If an affiliate’s not sound familiar visit Affiliate Marketing business 2022: What It Is and How You Can Get Started
  2. The second way to monetize your property or digital real estate is to let other people place ads on your property.

How to start an online business, Digital real estate.

One major takeaway from the global shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic is that the future is digital. During the shutdown, the world went remote and relied heavily on digital assets to perform its routine business activity.

The term digital real estate is not that different compared to industrial real estate. Digital real estate is everything you see online that can create passive income.

A more technical term is virtual property. So, all the websites, domain names, URLs, Youtube channels, Facebook groups, Instagram, etc, are forms of digital assets, and like most assets, they are worth money. Maybe the time is right to learn how to build your first digital asset.

Much like traditional real estate, these properties can be bought and sold on the market. Think of the social media giants, like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and most recently Clubhouse; these are the landlords of the future.

For many social media apps, the owners get paid when the users purchase ads (e.g. Facebook ads) or pay to boost their profiles. Just like that, the landlord receives passive income, and, unlike traditional landlords, digital landlords do not have to repair leaky faucets.

While there are some differences, there also are many similarities. Just like with physical real estate, digital landowners have one of the most essential tools to winning the wealth game: ownership. Sounds a bit like the game Monopoly, I know, but this is how it works. source

A digital real estate property can bring its owner more revenue than physical real estate. There are a lot of expenses digital real estate doesn’t have.

if you wonder if a digital entrepreneur has expenses, the answer is yes because uncle Sam! has 100% control of the business online and you still have maintenance your website updates every year to stay congruent.

How to start an online business, way to make money.

Making money online is the best business in 2022. Since the pandemic in 2020 most businesses switching online that making online businesses the most profitable someone can start and create wealth for the future.

To make money on the internet you need:

  • A product, an offer that you will present to your audience. The product can be yours if you know how to create your own product or use someone else product and drive traffics to that offer.
  • An audience, To create an audience it is required to use these 2 forms of traffic, Organic(free traffic or free reach) Or paid traffics(paid reach)

How to start an online business, Conclusion.

Starting your online business could be the best decision some could take at the beginning of this year if the mindset is right. Business online is hard that is why you need a good program that can teach you the foundation, and best practices that will help you succeed. Click here to read more about business online. 1

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