How a Winning Mindset Can Lead to Success?

having a winning mindset

A winning mindset is having confidence and seeing challenges as opportunities.

Success is a step toward more success and failures as growth opportunities to learn and develop wisdom…

A positive mindset with attitude can take us to the horizons of success. Having a winning mindset is more important than any skill that you might have.

Having a positive mindset can help you grow essentially and change, and that can change you, everyone around you, your community, and even the whole world.

The benefits of a winning mindset

having a winning mindset, can change your life

One day I was sitting in my bathroom and I saw a post on Facebook.

I clicked on it and watch the video, which automatically caught my attention.\

How can someone make money on the internet, and make enough until He became a millionaire, while I’m making $70k a year in my 2 jobs and broke all the time?

I was sitting in my bathroom and I saw the ADS on Facebook then clicked and watch the video, which automatically caught my attention.

I didn’t think about scams, because no one can scam you. How can someone make money on the internet, and make enough until He became a millionaire, while I’m using the same internet and making nothing?

After watching the video, I froze. That video has changed my life I never chose the school system because I failed at any test taking in school.

And I never read a book because every time I tried to read, I fell asleep after 10 minutes of reading. I was a C and D student for my whole life the only thing I was good at was numbers(Maths).

I failed in so many businesses because  I didn’t know how to manage any business. By the way, I went to culinary school the only test I had to take was a serve safe test, guest what? I failed that test.

I’m a musician I know how to play instruments but I never learn how to read music because it was too complicated for me to learn.

All that is to tell you at school they prepare you to get a job, to stay in the safe zone, even at I wasn’t good. They don’t teach you how to use your mind and how to think.

My mindset was always fixed, I never had a winning mindset. A mindset is something that you have, it is like a switch, and you can turn it on or off.

When it is on you think positively and when it’s off you think negatively and had a negative attitude.

Having a winning mindset can lead to success

having a wining mindset2

I’ve how to develop a winning mindset and now every morning before I started my day, I read for at least 30 minutes.

I’ve learned how to write blogs, articles, and Facebook posts.

how to write emails campaign, and the most important thing I’ve learned is how to set goals and achieve them.

2020 after I got laid in on my job, I started with Entre Training with Jeff Lerner, at the beginning, I almost quit, because I could not understand anything.

My coach trained and advised me how to learn, and I started learning how to memorize, how to read, how to speak, how to write posts on social media, and how to do videos and post on youtube.

Suddenly I realize that my problem was not a  learning problem. The problem was a mindset problem, my mindset was off, and I never try to push myself enough to learn, because my teacher and people around me always tell me that I suck at everything, and I won’t be anything in my life.

And I used to accept that as the truth, but it wasn’t.

After learning how to develop a winning mindset, now every morning before I started my day, I read for at least 30 minutes before I even brush my teeth daily.

I’ve learned how to write blogs, articles, and Facebook posts, and how to write emails campaign, and I don’t learn those because I love to do that.

Not because that was my passion but because, those skills took me a lot of time of learning and try before I can do them, not like an expert but like a beginner.

Why am I telling you all this? If you are thinking that you are suck at everything, nothing ever works for you? Now you know my story, which means you can change the script, flip the coin and look at the other side.

You might be on the wrong side right now, before I had a fixed and wrong mindset, I never taught I could learn and be good at anything. Now the script has changed.

Your winning mindset can help others.

Your winning mindset can help others.

Now I’m helping musicians and parents create legacies, create successful businesses, spent more time with their kids and families, And make more money than they ever made in their whole life in a month.

And never be broke again, learn what they don’t know and do what they haven’t done and watch their life unfold in a way never dreamed of!

Most people are scared of learning new things because the school system messed up their minds, and that is a mistake most parents make.

They told you you worked for 40 years and retired, and after working your 40 years and realized that you can’t be retired because you still have nothing in your bank account and your retirement check is not even enough to pay your rent or your mortgage.

That’s why according to studies when most people after a few years of retirement die because they got played by the system.

I never loved my job, because my mother has been working 2 jobs and going to school for her whole life, got paid the same, and still doing 2 jobs and she’s a few years away from retirement.

Can a winning mindset help you after you retired?

Now even if you retired, if change your mindset, you still can leave a legacy behind, I was listening to a guy on youtube that started a cleaning company after he retired and he is 90 years old now and his company is worth $ billion.

Well, the only way you can know if that is possible is for you to try. The business has changed my life, in 2 years I’ve learned things that I could not learn in 40 years.

Even though I fail so many times I always keep trying until I found something that finally works for me.

This is not to force you to buy my product, it is not to sell you anything, just to tell you if you stay with the same mindset, if you can’t trust yourself when you sit in the nursing home, you will be regretful and alone.

Because not only do you fail yourself but also you fail your children and everyone around you. If your kids have to start exactly where you had started 50 years ago, that means they will have to fight for their lives and they won’t have time to visit you.

You still have a chance. This is the blueprint that can change your life, take it or………..

A growth mindset or a winning mindset is one of the most wanted soft skills… According to a report, by 2030 more than 300 million people will have to learn new skills or change positions.

Employees with a winning mindset will constantly seek to better themselves and develop their skills. The mindset that you develop can create a bright future or regrets.1


Success is not about how much money you have in your bank account, but it is the impact you make in other’s life.

Having a winning mindset will most likely help you achieve your goals in life and create your legacy.

But remember, the mindset alone is not enough, the work you do is what will lead you to success, and are willing to take the challenge that will change your life forever.

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