Maximize Your Productivity with Entresoft CRM

Entresoft Crm

How would you like to have a full suite of tools all in one place to maximize your business simply? How Entresoft CRM will Elevate Your Business to the Next Level?

In this blog, Maximize Your Productivity with Entresoft, Entresoft CRM, where you will be able to determine if this is the right software for your business and If you should switch or stay where you at.

The true power of making money in your business comes down to one thing, how well You turn your leads into customers…and you’re going to see how this super powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Entresoft tool will allow you to close more deals and make lots more sales.

MILLIONS of business owners lack awareness of “post capturing a lead”, they struggle to make any meaningful relationships because of that, they never have lived to their true potential.

They have 100’s third-party tools, one for scheduling, another for email marketing, one for websites and sales funnels, and more, causing a traffic crash.

Fortunately, Entresoft is here to help you manage everything all in one place, nurture your leads like a piece of cake, and be able to close the sale like clockwork.

The smarter way to do business, Entresoft CRM

Organize your client information and daily work in one place, freeing you up from repetitive tasks. Working in a peaceful and stress-free environment, Entresoft allows you to stay organized and no need to switch from one software to another, login to a different account, or 2 or 3 computer screens, sometimes your secretary is upset cause his/her boss can’t remember some login information.

With only one software everything is right in front of you. Minimize the use of different software and stay organized for a better price.

Entresoft CRM

Entresoft business tool

Get everything you need to manage and grow your business in one place

Entresoft CRM- What is included?

As the picture shows, you get:

  • Websites and Sales funnel builder
  • Email and SMS campaign builder
  • Drag and drop surveys and forms
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • CRM and Pipeline management
  • Accept and Manage payments
  • Courses and Memberships
  • Reputation Management
  • And more…

That’s a lot more, Entresoft really makes it effortless to maneuver your business and between online business tools that usually would come alone, no others can beat Entresoft.

Entresoft Comparaison

Let’s say your business is running using regular software that is in the market and you want the business to work smoothly you will need a hand full of software to make your dreams come true.

So, Let’s do the math and see what software will benefit and save you more with less headache.

Entresoft price
  1. Business Cell Phone, to make and receive calls, text messages, and fax, option call recording, voicemail, and transcript? The basic plan is $9/month
  2. Funnel builder, Build funnel, squeeze page, lead magnet, upsell, down sell, opt-in, thank-you page, etc $99/Month for a basic plan.
  3. Email marketing autoresponder, Send emails, receive emails, create campaigns, email template, broadcasting $49/month depending on the provider for a basic plan.
  4. Online appointment scheduling, $15/month
  5. Reputation management
  6. Courses/Products
  7. Tracking analytic
  8. Servey & forms etc.

Imagine the headache of paying for each software and having a different login for each. Entresoft put everything in one software and with one app-manage everything for your business with the training necessary for each individual tool.

Unfortunately, Entresoft is not open to the public yet it is still by referrals, stay tuned pretty soon it will be public and everyone will be able to experience the revolutionary software.

My experience with Entresoft.

In May 2021 after Jeff Lerner, the creator of this giant software invited me to his first-time launching and I started using this for my business, I can tell that is life-changing for big and small business owners or anyone thing thinking about starting a business.

The price is $299/month but I got a chance to start using it at a lower price that’s $199/month.1

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