How to create a free website and earn money?

Create Free Website And Earn Money

Too many people making money online involves spending money. They believe that you need to have lots of money to kickstart a business online.

This is not true in any way because there are lots of ways to earn huge cash online without having to spend a single dime. For instance, do you know it is possible to build a free website online and still make money with it?

Are you aware that some websites on the internet have been built with free resources? The best part is they keep on generating consistent income for their owners. 

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The major aim of this post is to reveal how you can Create a Free Website And Earn Money. In other words, there is no need to worry about hosting or domain because you won’t be spending any money to get your website up and running.  Visit the secret website to make money blog here!

This article will also be showing you some of the best ways to earn money from your free website starting today. Imagine making up to $2,500 or even more from one website within 30 days. It simply means you can create more websites and scale your business from there.

Create Free Website And Earn Money Steps

It is true that there are many platforms that have been built online to enable you to create websites for free. The problem is that some of these platforms are complicated and technical. You need to have some special skills and knowledge in order to successfully build sites on them. This is where a platform such as can be of great help. 

Wix has been helping lots of people start their online businesses over the years. It offers a free website-building platform with advanced and sophisticated features to enable you to stand out from the crowd. Some of its features are: 

  • Free Domain 
  • Free hosting 
  • Impressive templates that can convert in any niche of your choice 
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Advanced features
  • Up to 500MB bandwidth 
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • And more 

When it comes to building websites that can impress your target audience without putting a hole in your pocket, Wix is a great platform that can meet your needs as well as expectations. Just choose any template based on your preferred niche and start building. 

Making Money With Your Free Website 

To most people, making money using a free website like the one you have built with Wix is almost impossible. The truth is that this can be done once you know the right steps to take. This section will be showing you some online business models you can delve into using your free website. Check out each of them below. 

Affiliate Marketing 

This business model is about selling others’ products online for commissions. There are people making up to $5,000 or even more monthly from this business. It works best when you have created a free squeeze or landing page that can help to capture the email addresses of potential customers. After that, just choose a winning product to promote for maximum commissions. 

There are many ways to choose products depending on the affiliate network you are working with. It is highly recommended you sign up with This affiliate network has built a solid reputation over the years for making high-converting products available. You could choose products from niches like health and fitness, dating & relationship, making money online, self-help, gaming, parenting, and more. 

To choose a product, there are some factors that you should look out for. These could be the average commission per conversion, availability of promotional tools, gravity, and structure of the landing page. Just take out your time to consider each of these factors. For instance, avoid any product with a poor landing page. This will hurt your conversion significantly. The bottom line is that you can Create a Free Website And Earn Money with affiliate marketing. 


Are you a freelancer? Do you have a particular skill that companies and businesses can benefit from? Most freelancers don’t know that it is better to own their websites instead of registering with platforms like,,, and others. This is because you will be paying charges and fees anytime people order your services. For instance, if you render content writing services for $50, you will end up getting only $40. This means you are paying 20% for every money earned to these freelancing websites without knowing. If you earned $500, it implies you have paid $100. With an evergreen business model like freelancing, it is possible to Create a Free Website And Earn Money.  

Another reason why you need to run your own website is the freedom to charge and deal with clients. There are too many limitations in these freelancing websites that you may struggle to deal with. They can close your account at will for no justifiable reason. However, all of these problems will be nonexistent once you have a website of your own. You can charge clients as high as possible without bothering about paying any fees. 

With your free website, it is possible to render freelancing services like video creation/editing, voiceover, graphic designing, website development, software programming, language translation, content writing, internet marketing consultancy, and more. The sky is your limit when it comes to services that can be rendered. 


Blogging is one of the best ways of making money from a free website. There is nothing technical or scientific here. All you have to do is choose a popular niche like weight loss and write lots of blog posts or articles on such a topic. The reason why this is necessary is that you want people to be coming to your website to check out new stuff in the market. 

Once you have had a decent amount of consistent traffic visiting your website, it is high time you registered for Google AdSense. It is also possible to contact companies within your preferred niche and offer them the chance to advertise their products on your website. You could tell them to pay $1,000 every month for people to see their ads. It all depends on the amount of traffic such a site is getting. Although blogging requires lots of effort at first, it works once done the right way. 

Final Words

Making money online doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a huge budget or capital. It is all about knowing where to get the best free resources like website builders, and others. The sky will definitely be your limit with such tools. Just follow the steps and ideas explained above to Create a Free Website And Earn Money

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