How to make money from your phone.

make money from your phone

Making money using your smartphone is very popular nowadays, people are searching like crazy on how to make money using their phones. Can their dreams become a reality? Do people really make money using their smartphones? Well if the answer is yes how do they do that? That’s why you have to keep reading, you might find something you didn’t know.

Making money from your phone is possible, even if that will not make you a millionaire, and it is not a shortcut way to becoming a millionaire. But you can make enough extra to go on your dream vacation or, and paying some bills.

 Almost every person from ages 15 to ages 95 years old has a cellphone or smartphone. And, most people used their phones to make and receive phone calls, text messages, log in to Facebook to watch old friend pictures, on Instagram spend time watching Instagram reels, watch other people’s videos on YouTube, but not knowing that those cell phones make thousand in revenue each year for some others.

The question is, Is your phone can make you money? The short answer is yes, build will you make money with your phone? Results are guaranteed for anyone who’s looking to make money online, on the internet.

The money that you are looking for is there, but you are one decision away from getting it. People who want money on the internet, are never done anything for that money. Just hoping and praying not going to make it happen.

Make money from your phone

There are multiple ways people are making money online using their smartphone, having a smart that you are paying for every month, you can use that phone to make money, but yeah! you actually can make money using your smartphone as soon as you have an internet connection.

People living in poor countries are using that strategy more than people living in more developed countries. Most of those people don’t have jobs like us living in America.

Your phone now can do almost anything a computer can do, but wait even a blog? yes, you can write a blog with your phone edit a video, shoot a video as you already know, and post it on any social media.

Most people minimize that but actually, people are making millions right now and they started with their phones.

Different types of business you can do using your smartphone and make money

1- App testing: You can test an app on your phone, make a review and the company will pay you.

2. Affiliate marketing: If you see ads online saying that you can make money online using your phone, it is actually a legit way to make money on the internet. You sign up to any affiliate platform and promote a product using social media, like Facebook group, Instagram, etc.

3. Dropshipping: You can build any dropshipping website using your phone, let’s say you want to dropship on Aliexpress you can download their mobile app, search for products, add them to your store or order these products stock them in your house, and sale them on Facebook market place or offer.

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4. Start a YouTube channel: Youtube is a great source of income, and you can make professionals video just using your phone. After getting enough traffic and monetizing your channel the sky is the limit, no one can stop you except yourself.

5. Selling social media post template: Canva phone app allows you to create any kind of social media template, like YouTube thumbnails, Facebook cover, Instagram, Pinterest templates, etc

The long-term way to make money online.

This way requires a lot more knowledge and you can set it up as a business.  you can run them on your phone with no need for a computer and you can make big money online.

  1. If you would like for example, real estate there is an app called “Deal machine”  real estate investors, real estate wholesaling use, and hire uber drivers or other individuals to drive for dollars. Most real estate investors use it to acquire deals and you can build a team and have other people working for you.

The deal machine allows you to take pictures of any property, and, it will skip trace it and give you the homeowner information (name, addresses, and vacancy). From the app, you can send mail directly to the homeowner at their actual address.

   2.  You can use Robinhood or Binance. If interested in trading the stock market, Bitcoin, or all those coins.

   3. You might be interested in multi-level marketing. Affiliate marketing or network marketing.  You can work for TLC, MONAT, FES, and there are a million Affiliate programs or multi-level marketing you can promote their affiliate link, etc.

If you want to step up and start making money using your smartPhone the time is now.

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To make money using your smartphone can be confusing, but a lot of people right now are using their phones to make a lot of money. Stop doubting yourself, stop procrastinating you can do it, and the time is now no later on.

If you are looking for more ways to make money either with real estate, flipping domains or affiliate marketing check my other content.

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