Affiliate Marketing Business 2021.

affiliate marketing

Most of the time  my friend or people that i’ve met asking me, what kind of business you do?

I went, Affiliate Marketing business.

My friend: what is it? what do you do?

Me: I promote businesses, or promote other people products.

My friend: what do you sell in your business.

Me: Nothing.

My friend: What do you do?

Me: I promote

My fiend: How can you have a business online and don’t sell nothing?

And questions keep coming one after another. From one friend to another one, people keep asking me all these questions but never have a word to explain what is it exactly.

Today, I will answer this question, and I will do my best to give you the best explanation ever.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The question comes back again, but as I promise you in the sentence above. I will do my best to explain it to you in a way you can understand.

Let’s think about someone who’s interested in buying a home. The person who has the money or the financial institution who’s going to finance the deal is ready and what next?

I hope you understand this buying house concept because to answer your question. I need to find a way where you will understand the concept and that way, you can explain to your friends and family what is it exactly.

Ok, let go back to the subject, In a house buying process, there are 3 main elements you need to make the deal happened.

We spoke about the buyer already, now let’s talk about the seller. Now since the buyer has his money and financial institution ready. We need a seller, the seller has his house on the market but can’t market the house by himself because that’s not his job, and he doesn’t have the knowledge, skills, Art whatever you call it to do that. The seller goes to a real estate agent to help him put the house on the market.

For the real estate agent, to put the house on his system to advertise and sell the house, the owner of that house has to make a deal with the agent, so after the deal, the real estate agent can get paid.

I hope you understand the real estate concept, now, let’s go back and answer the affiliate marketing question.

What is affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the New Real estate 2021, I don’t think I have to explain further, but in other to avoid confusion let me give a little more details about that subject.

Affiliate marketing How it works?

Since you already understand the real estate concept and I already tell you that is almost the same thing, now let’s talk about how it works.

Buyer is your audience or people that you have in your email list that are buyers, they have money and they looking to buy, but they don’t know where to look and how to buy because it is not their job there’s a guy on the internet calls also Agent that can make the task easier for the buyer.

and now, the seller. the seller has the product and willing to sell but the problem is, the seller is in the production he has to prepare the product, stock them, test the product make sure it’s in condition. The seller is dealing with the return, complaints, and a lot of employees, etc.

The don’t have time to really think about advertise and marketing.

Here it’s the Affiliate Agent, that’s has the right training, skills, knowledge etc to do that Job.

How that possible?

Great question: The Producer , the create a system called Affiliate Marketing, How all that work?

The seller creates a link that’s called an affiliate link, in that link, there are Information about the product and the product itself

This is the fun part, the Affiliate agent or Marketer, already has a system in place, he already step his business that is an affiliate marking business, He has all his social media account working, website working, email list, paid advertisement platforms,  funnel software and everything ready.

What’s next?

You go to the platform where all those producers put their affiliate links or go to the company website, and apply for their affiliate website. In 2021 90% of the big company you know or heard about they have an affiliate program.

How an affiliate agent or Marketer get paid?

The way a Marketer get paid is simple since you already have an audience and you know your audience very well you know their expectation, you advertise to them what do you know that they will like. It is the same process when someone ready to buy a house, the Agent shows you multiple houses and you choose what you like the most, and anytime someone buys and the agent gets a percentage. it is the same for an affiliate Marketer, anytime someone makes a purchase you got a cut.

What percentage an affiliate agent get?

Its depend on the company, each company define their percentage.

Some company pays a higher purcentage while some pays very low percentage

Some exemple. Amazon

Amazon pays  from 2% to 10% it is depend on the product.


Clickfunnels pays up to 40%

and some other companies paid from 50% till 80%.

How do you start on affiliate marketing?

To start on affiliate marketing it’s easy but could be complicated some.

There’s a lot of training on the internet that teaches that or you can self-training on youtube and make a lot of mistakes until you figure out how to do it the right way, but the best teaching program on the internet is a company called ENTRE INSTITUTE.

ENTRE Nation is a group of millionaires that teaching affiliate courses, that they called Entre institute, and also Entre Nation offers an Affiliate program also were they teaching you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing business and you can sign up with their program to start promoting as a practice tool.

Or if you don’t want to promote Entre affiliate you have a choice, they will give you all steps and strategies to promote any other affiliate program on the internet. As we discuss in that paragraph below to sign up for let’s say a CPA network or any affiliate network platforms some require you to have a little experience.

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