Sell products for companies and get paid

Sell products for companies and get paid

Selling products for companies and getting paid is very popular in 2022, and this will continue for a long time. Everyone knows what happen in 2019 when almost all businesses around the world were shut down and the internet business took off.

I won’t say that the internet is here to replace traditional businesses but most companies included an online presence in their business along with their traditional functioning.

This is to tell you that selling products for companies and getting paid is a great way to make some money and even create your way to become a millionaire. There are more digital millionaires created selling products for other companies in the last 5 years than ever happen before.

Are you looking for a new way to make side money from home without getting a second job from a company?

In this blog, I will talk about how to sell other people’s products on the internet using the internet connection and your laptop.

Those who invest in the stock market know that you can own a piece of a company by purchasing a share from the company. And also for decades, people have been creating wealth by selling other people’s products.

In today’s economy, things are becoming more accessible, with the rise of the internet, no need to rent a big building or have hundreds of employees, but everything is digital right now.

You don’t have to rent a big building and have a lot of people working for you, you can buy a digital building or digital real estate and store all your product in your digital building with no need for others.

I have so many blogs talking about different ways to sell other people’s or companies products, today I will focus more on what to sell and how to find the company that you want to work with.

Online selling platforms

There is a lot of platforms that people are using to do business and sell stuff. Most of those platforms are free to use and they have a lot of people that are ready to buy.

Before I talk about where and how to sell, let’s talk about where to find some companies and the best product to sell on the internet.

This business strategy is the exact strategy that all the gurus online are talking about and telling you that you can make money online automatically.

This is what they call affiliate marketing, sell products for companies and get paid. First, let’s talk about the best product to sell.

Best selling products on the internet

Most people will tell you if you want to make money online, you have to sell courses that teach people how to make money online or coaching programs. This is true you can make a lot of money selling digital courses and coaching, but those are not the best-selling product on the internet.

I got it because they pay more and also it is more difficult to sell. But if I tell you that millions of people are looking for products online to buy right now, would you believe it?

Yesterday I was looking for a domain name to buy for a new product that I want to promote and I wanted a name that people are already searching for on google I found that there are millions of searches for products that I never would imagine.

Like “droppers” that have 122,000 searches a month, and I bought “pipette dropper” that has 67,000 searchings a month.

In each niche, they are thousand of people looking for products that they already want you don’t have to do heavy promoting, only make a short video or a small blog and you are already on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Disclaimer: Most people whose trying to make many online make nothing, business online is not typically guaranteed the way nothing in life is guaranteed. Invest with your own risks, you can lose your money.

Let’s go over another example I search the word “cooking” (there are 5 billion people looking for a Chinese restaurant near me), and “suit” (one million people are searching for the word men’s suit online).

Imagine you are affiliated with a company that produces “suits”, men’s suits, female suits, baby suits, teenager suits, etc. They are a lot of money in these niches.

And those are not the best-selling products on the internet.

Where to find affiliate marketing companies.

The way to find affiliate marketing companies is to sign up to a platform that already has all those companies looking for people to advertise their products.

In this chapter, I will go over some platforms and talk about how to join and some requirements to join.

Before you try to join or request to promote a company’s product, it requires you to set up your business first. What will you need to set up?

You will need to start by:

  • Buy a domain name and hosting, it will require you to have a website because for business online the only way you can make money is if you have traffics. The way to get traffics is to create a platform where you can send people to see your people and decide whether they want to purchase or not.
  • Create your social presence, Remember this is your business and the same thing applies to any business that you are trying to start. You will need an account on each major social media platform, like Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Build your audience, people buy from people that they trust, you will have to find your audience find out what they like, and bring it to them.
It is not about what you want but what they want.

After you find your audience and set up your business. Now you can start looking for companies to promote their product.

List of affiliate marketing platforms


And there are a lot more platforms with digital and physical products that paid a lot of money. Since you have an idea of what to do to start, I gave you niche ideas, what to do after you find your niche which is to create a website with all your social media accounts, where to find companies, etc.

Now let’s talk a little about how to advertise and where.

Best websites to sell stuff.

There are a lot of websites to sell stuff online. In this chapter, I will go a little bit about the best website and how to promote stuff online.

The best website to promote stuff for free:

1. Youtube.

Youtube has millions of people looking for how to video in any niche.

Whether you choose to do shorts video which means a one-minute video or long videos from two minutes to x hours, the choice is yours. Video content is the best marketing strategy for small business owners or marketers to make money.

Not only you can it possible to sell your product in the video and after you have enough subscribers you can monetize you channel and get ad revenue that will consider as a second streams of income.

2. Tiktok

TikTok has billion of people watching short video everyday on the platform and the chance of going viral with your video is high, but will you do it and make money? The answer is I don’t know… But I know people making a lot of money doing that.

3. Facebook & Instagram

Facebook is the largest social media platform or one of them, with million of people interact in their platform every day. Facebook use AI a robot that can almost before you open your page that are ready to tell you hey this what you are here for today.

Post your video on Facebook and Instagram can possible reach a lot of people.

Repurposing your content

There is a strategy that I used that called repurposing. How that works? I create one video and repurpose that video and post it in different social media account.

If I created a short for youtube or any video, if it is a one minute video all I have to do is just post that to short on Instagram reels, facebook reel and profile, on tiktok, interest, credit etc.

For long videos, I have an app on my phone that name Capcut that you can download for free on your app store and it allows you to edit your video and can create different short from one video.

Websites to sell items online for free

You can sell or promote your product on all social media, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook market place, offerup etc.

When it comes to do business online the sky is the limit, there are a lot of way to Sell products for companies and get paid. All you have to do is find out what you want to sell and find a company affiliate with them and you are in business.


The way to sell to make money from home is to advertise your affiliate business on social media and other website that allows that.

All business in other to make money has to advertise themself. Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, traffic is what going to make you money. To learn how to market any business online and offline Join the best marketing courses that will take you form zero to a millionaire. Click here to learn more.

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