Benefits of listening to audio books.

Benefits of listening to audiobooks.

do you want to improve your speaking skills, your knowledge, and become an expert in any field?

Today I will do something different. In 2020 I started in the internet marketing business, while I was unemployed because of the pandemic, I had no money but a lot of time. I started searching for opportunities on the internet, and I can tell you that had changed my life.

In this blog I will talk about:

  1. The benefit of listening to audiobooks
  2. Difference between listening/reading a book
  3. While listening to audio can you do other task?
  4. while sleeping is it bad to listen to books?

You will be able to download and listen to your first audiobook, if it is for the first time you will listen to a book in audio format. I will link to some of my best resources that you can use, remember our goal is to educate and inform you. Some of the products listed in this blog might pay me a small commission when you take action by purchasing something through my links, thank you for helping me keep this website alive.

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The benefit of listening to audio books

Listening to audio books benefits is very broad and there are so many benefits to listening to books in the form of audio.

Audiobooks are immersive, educational, entertainment, motivational, and spiritual, very good at extending our learning process, It has changed the way we listen, read and learn.

Audiobooks have the power to boost our moods and interrupt our negative thinking patterns. Psychology Today notes those of us prone to anxiety and depression, listening to someone reading aloud can help by replacing negative thoughts with something else that can help you better (related topic).

Listening to audiobooks is beneficial in various ways, it can help you learn a new language quickly and easily, by listening will increase your reading accuracy by 52%, increase reading speed, expending vocabulary, and improve fluency. Audiobooks now free trial here!

It can also help with practicing pronunciations and learning new words in case of apprentice learning a new language. More beneficial tips and how listening to books can increase your ability, read more here

Improve speaking skills, listen to books expended your mind and give you the ability to speak better and have more reach vocabulary.

Is listening to audio books as good as reading

Even for book lovers, finding time to read a physical book can be very challenging, except for a successful entrepreneur or an influencer with large followers who knows how to leverage other’s people time.

I hated reading that is why when I was in school I was a terrible student, reading wasn’t always my thing, and to tell you the truth, I read my first pdf no even a book in 2018, and I started reading and listening to audiobooks in 2020 after I join Entre affiliate coaching and my coach force me to read, that when I download and sign up for my first audio book app.

According to some studies, some people say that reading is more efficient while for some there’s no difference.

“I was a fan of audiobooks, but I always viewed them as cheating,” says Beth Rogowsky, an associate professor of education at the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. read the whole story here!

Reading a physical book is good but it has its benefit and inconvenience also, for a busy Mom or a Busy Dad it is hard to sit and read even 30minutes a day while you have a family and a full-time job. To read it is required some peace, no distractions, which is sometimes impossible if you don’t have a mansion with an office space or some quiet place to read.

While listening to an audiobook, is easier because you could be driving and plug your phone via Bluetooth and listen in your car, or you can listen to a book while working or at the gym, etc.

Listening to audiobooks or reading a book is important, feeding your mind and boosting your knowledge or learning new stuff, improves your skills every day. The best for you is to choose what is best for you. Get 50% off when downloading audiobooksnow on your first purchase.

What to do while listening to audio books.

The great thing about audiobooks is you can listen anywhere and everywhere, it doesn’t matter what are you doing, from working on your job to working out at the gym. It is the same as listening to music, you can open your radio or tv while you are doing work at home, it is the same thing.

Audiobooks are a great way for lazy people who don’t like to read to educate themself, to tell you the truth I started reading books a few months ago, but I always listen to books or podcasts and manifestation audio books

Is it bad to listen to audio books while sleeping?

No, it is not bad at all, and listening to a good narrator could help you sleep better, keep your mind off negativity and fill your mind with positive intellectual thought, the experience could be different for some people but it is your job to let go what is not beneficial for you and fill your mind with positive thoughts.

We all know that music helps one sleep well, but where does this audio book concept come from? Well, a study conducted in 2006 demonstrated how much music could help get better sleep. Then, in the same study, they replaced music with audiobooks, but the results were not as profound as they were with trying music, but still, they recorded a slight improvement in the sleep pattern. ( Source)

Some good books to listen to

  1. Rich dad poor dad audio book
  2. Harry potter audio book
  3. Lord of the flies audio book
  4. 12 rules for life audiobook
  5. Twilight audiobook

It depends on your interest, each people have their preference when it comes to books. I love motivational and business books while my brother loves science fiction books.

Your interest could be different, but it is very beneficial to feed your mind every day, don’t say it’s because you are busy or have a job and family you don’t read. Audiobooks now make it easier for you to read as many books as you want. Just download it here it’s on any device.


The benefits of listening to audiobooks can help you build and enhance vital literacy skills such as fluency, pronunciation, language acquisition, phonetics awareness, and comprehension. Skills that boost the reading score. Download your best audio app here listen anywhere everywhere no limit.

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