Best Clickbank products to promote 2022.


Most beginner affiliate marketer has their eyes on one platform when they want to start affiliate marketing. Even for those who are not serious about making money online business, since it’s free to sign up and basically no requirement to sign up quickly start with Clickbank.

The question is, how to find the best Clickbank products to promote? is there a tactic and strategy on how to make money on Clickbank? well, there is, and in this blog, I will talk about how to find the best product and also how to make money with that product. If you read this blog till the end you might find something that will help you make the money that you are looking for.

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Below is what I will talk about in this blog, now let’s start with Clickbank products.

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Clickbank products

Before I talk about Clickbank products, you might want to check one of my latest blogs about this topic Clickbank for beginners.

Now you know a little bit about Clickbank and you will learn how about the product on Clickbank and next how to make money on Clickbank.

Clickbank is a platform that product creators and companies use to put their products like a marketplace. They have different kind of vendors with a different kind of product, but mostly digital products which mean the vendor doesn’t deal with storing, shipping, or any inventor since everything is digital the product transfer is also digital, the buyer just need to create an account and access to the product anytime they want.

This is why Clickbank product is very high on commission, their vender pays more percentage of the sale since they don’t have any extra expenses holding their product except cloud-based storage that store the product on the internet

They have thousands of products from any niches you might think of, Before you start promoting a product make sure to check the product’s legitimacy, not all products on Clickbank are legit it is the marketer’s responsibility to check if the product you will sell to your customers is legit and meet your customer’s requirements.

what is gravity on Clickbank?

After signing up with Clickbank, and having your niche down and traffic method, now it’s Time to choose a product.

Choosing the product to promote can be a little bit challenging, but don’t worry in this blog I will talk about that and how to find the best one.

Most people will tell you to choose products by gravity which is a good point, but having a product with high gravity doesn’t mean that you will make a lot of money for that.

Gravity means affiliate Marketers that are promoting the product have made one or more sales in the last month.

High gravity also means more competition, for a product that has high gravity most of the time most marketers are going after these products. But to make the most money don’t just focus on the gravity or product’s popularity. The secret to making the most money is to test different products and stick to the one that works best for you.

Affiliate marketing is not a business where everyone just comes in and does the same thing and gets the same results, no, it’s not like that, 2 people might be in the same niche doing the same thing but have different results. That’s why marketers who spend more time testing most of the time make more money.

There’s no one Formula for all, but you will have to try different formulas and choose the one that works for you. After finding the right product in your niche, now you can start focusing on scaling to make the most money.

Best Clickbank products

Now let’s talk about the best product on Clickbank, and how to find the best one that will make you the most money.

there are different factors when it comes to choosing a product that will convert, I will list a few but there are a lot of them, some you can determine by just looking at the product, and some that will require deeper searches and something spend a little money to find if the vendor deliver to their promises

steps to find the best product?

  1. Check their landing page to see if the product will convert, a landing page is the first page that shows after someone click on the product link if the landing page doesn’t look good to you if you would never trust that page so your customers also.
  2. check if the vendor delivers on their promises. You always want to make sure that you check the legitimacy of the product, your audience chooses you and if you market a product that doesn’t deliver, you might be lost your audience because of that. The marketer has more responsibility than the vendor, if you sell a crapy product that doesn’t meet your customer’s expectations, you will lose a lot of money. Most products on Clickbank are low ticket products with recurring payments, recurring means the customers will make monthly payments. If the product is bad, you will be only making the first commission, if that customer doesn’t keep making payments you won’t continue getting the monthly commission.
  3. Traffic method. Yes this is an important step that a few people talk about, and it’s the most important step, not all products are made for free traffics, if a product converts best with paid traffic and you use organic traffic, it might not convert very well. That’s why a little search is best to find out which method will work best. Or test both methods to see which is best.
  4. Look at the product review, look at what other people are saying about that product.

Best selling Clickbank products

The best-selling product on ClickBank is those products with the highest gravity. The highest gravity sometimes doesn’t mean best selling also, there are a lot of products that are selling a lot that doesn’t have a high gravity, especially some product that requires authorization or approval to promote.

It will not be fair if I just list a list of best-selling products on this blog. The reason for that, 2,3,4 years from the time you’re reading this blog, that list might not be still the best. Or one of those products might not even exist no more.

But what about if I show you how to find the best product yourself? I think it will be more efficacy if you will be able to find that yourself. That way 10 years from now you will still be able to find them.

The way to find the best product on Clickbank is, after signing up to Clickbank, click on the marketplace and then on the search barre, click search without typing anything on the search barre.

This technic works now, I guess it will work all the time. Isn’t that cool, if yes after reading this blog try it, and anytime you are trying to promote Clickbank products, you will know how to find all the best-selling products.

Clickbank products list

If you already read the paragraph above, I assume that you already read that, you know already know to find the best-selling products, and now let’s talk about if you’re looking for a product in a specific niche how to find it.

Let’s say you are on the make-money-online market and want to find a list of products related to that niche.

Just login to your Clickbank account, and click on the marketplace than on the dashboard on the left side of your screen you will see a list of markets and when clicking on the market title it will display a list of niches related to that market and click on the niche you are interested and it will display all products related to that niche.

The process is easy and simple. After creating your account go in there and learn all the different options that they have. People who you learn more about what they’re doing, make more money. More skills that you have easier it will be to monetize your skills. Top Clickbank products that people are making the most money will be found when applying what you have learned in this blog.


The best product on Clickbank most of will be determined by these 4 steps that I developed above, which are analyzing the landing page product, deliverability, traffic method, and reviews of that product. A product may work well for a marketer and not for another one, the way to find the best product to promote is to take the time to do the work.

No one can tell you what product is best for you, without taking the necessary work. Online business is hard because most people trying to make some quick bucks and are not willing to do the required work. The business gives you the results of the way you’ve treated it if you treat your business as a job it will produce a job result, if you treat it as a business you will get business results and if you treat it like nothing you will get no results

Disclaimer: Link in this blog are typically affiliate links, just to say if you click and purchase something I might get compensated at no extra cost to you.

Most people who are trying to make money online, make money on Clickbank makes nothing and sometimes end up losing money.

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