How to make money with clickbank?

Millionairetek Make-Money-With-clickbank-2-1030x658 How to make money with clickbank?

This is what most people who are trying to start an online business ask first “how make money with ClickBank “. In today’s blog post I will talk about the best way to make money with ClickBank, clickbank affiliate marketing for beginners.

what I’m going to talk about in this Clickbank step by step is:

  1. how to sign up to Clickbank
  2. how to choose your niche
  3. How to choose the best product that can make you money
  4. Promotions method
  5. Best way to drive traffics
  6. Where to get free and paid traffic
  7. How to get paid.

This will be one of the most informative blogs you ever read, I will down an easy-to-follow step-by-step process you can start implementing while you reading this blog.

some people create a million-dollar business only using Clickbank products only, what are the chances of you creating your first million dollars and becoming a Clickbank millionaire? It’s possible, that affiliate marketing is a real business, and Clickbank has thousands of products from every niche.

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Now let’s go back to our blog, affiliate marketing is for doers, If you’re not willing to sacrifice some of your sleep and accept to lose some of your friends do not try this business.

Make money with Clickbank.

Before talking about how to make money, first you need to know what Clickbank is, and how to access to it. Clickbank is a marketing marketplace where all products creators, business owners, create an account and listed their products or services, where affiliate Marketer go sign up and send their traffic to their offer.

If you don’t have an audience yet, don’t worry this is what this blog is about. Before you can make real money, you will every single thing that I’m going to talk about in this post.

Clickbank affiliate marketing for beginners

1. How to sign up for Clickbank?

Clickbank is a free platform that new marketers have used to get affiliate links to promote and make money.

There’s no requirement, everyone is welcome, beginners or experts except a few countries that have been banned and not won’t approve to promote their products. But that doesn’t mean if you are in those countries you can’t do affiliate marketing.

Also, there are a lot of people in these countries that still promote Clickbank Clickbank affiliate links products, remember there are always ways around.

To sign up, go to on the home page and click on start here to sign up. After clicking start here, it will display a window with a few option, click on the option that is related to you.

To sign up you will need to use your email address, your address, and create a username and a password.

2. Choose a niche

After you get access to your account, before you choose any products, find out in which niche you want to be.

After complete your sign up process, the next step is to choose your keyword. You may not familiar with keywords, or how to do keyword research yet, if you don’t have access to a paid keyboard tool, you can use uber suggest, Google, or to find a niche keyboard and based on that keyboard you will choose your niche.

You will choose a product related to the keyboard that you found, your keyboard is also your niche. Let’s say your keyboard is working from home or blogging for money, or job online from home. Find a product and we will move to the next step which is :

3. How to find the best product that can make money

When you done, sign in and head to the market place where you will find all their products available. There are a bad product on clickbank, how to find a product that is good and will convert?

In the marketplace you will find different ways to find products.

How to choose a product?

You will many choices, you can search for products by popularity, by gravity, by initial conversion, and by recurring payment. You can use each of these options to find what you want. Depending on your niche, some have more products than others. Keep that in mind.

If you don’t find a product that you like you can use different other platform, as soon as you tell the that have a Clickbank account they will probably approve you.

Choose a product and check and see if another marketer presents you with an offer like that or if it’s something you would be interested in buying, the look of the landing page will tell you if that product will convert.

if it’s something that you would never be buying, it is possible that your audience won’t buy it either.

check if everything looks good, if the call to action is clear enough, and click and see if the payment page looks legit.

check how many marketers promoting that and how many sales probably in the last 2 weeks. and the most important thing is to check their refund rate, this is very important. Let’s say the product convert and the refund rate is 30 or 40%, probably you will lose a lot of money. This will lead me to the next step which is:

4. Promotions method.

This step will tell you exactly how to promote that product, is paid will be better or organic/ free traffic. This step is a little more advanced and might require the help of a keywords tool or SEO tool.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a keyboard tool, we are going to use Google, Google will give you a very broad result, at least you will have an idea.

Google your keyboard or keywords, check how many blogs, how many ads, and how many YouTube videos show in the search engines.

Each will have a different meaning, if you see a lot of ads, it tells you that this keyboard is competitive, which means a lot of marketers or companies are after that keyboard.

If you see of blog posts for that specific keyword, that’s telling you that a lot of marketers are fighting for that keyboard, as a beginner you probably won’t rank on Google organically.

Check if there’s any YouTube, Pinterest quora even Facebook shows up on Google, and take a look at the videos or posts to see if their audience engages a lot. If yes probably you will need to do a video and promote it on those platforms.

5. Best way get more traffic

This is the most important step, and let’s say you did everything starting from step 1 to this and you decide not to promote any ClickBank products. You have enough information to create your own agency, and drive traffics for other businesses. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, if a business doesn’t get any traffic whether it’s a physical business or business online. That business will fail.

Why drive traffics is so important? Let’s say you want to promote a Clickbank product and you have the link, do all research, get a good understanding of which traffic methods to use and you set up everything and no one sees your offer, guess what you won’t make any sales. And no sales no commission no money.

This is my this is the most important step, you focus on this step only your business will be unstoppable.

We talk about keyboard research and nice already, this is where you are going to put everything into use. How does this work?

You will need to build a website with the keyboard that you choose which is also your niche. Find a domain name exactly or if that is not available find one related to your niche.

Buy that domain name, but you can just pay for the hosting and get your domain name free. Use this link here to get your hosting.

After you get your domain name, you will build a website, or there’s another way you can buy a website that already has traffic and ranking on Google.

This step is a little pricey but it’s better because compare to purchasing a new domain you will skip all the setup headaches and you can pick up the website that already rank and rank automatically on Google with your product.

Set up your landing page, whether you want to use organic/ free traffic or paid traffic it’s imperative to have a website. You can promote your product with no website using these methods but you will leave a lot of money on the table and you might quit before you make a dime.

start a simple blog and rank your blog on Google, not only you can make money with Clickbank, and also you will make money with Adsense.

write a blog post about that keyboard you chose. This process took me a long time to understand, my coach use to tell me you have to use the website, video, and social media posts. I use to do them but never understood that.

this might be a little advanced and different from what all the gurus and other people are teaching but this works.

Depending on your niche the process might be slower but after you got down to understand the strategy, you can become a ClickBank millionaire.

6. Where to get free and paid traffic

In the traffics method, I talked about how to do a product search. This is the same step, Marketers are not forcing anyone to buy anything we just look in the market, see what people are looking for and bring that to them.

It is simple, this is why I advise you to do a keyword search, in the beginning just to find what people are buying, and what they want.

To get free traffic, you can start a blog site that I talked about that already.

you can start a YouTube channel, create your content on YouTube and redirect your viewers to your website that is where they will be able to make purchases.

you can find free traffic on quora, quora is a forum where people ask any kind of questions, all you have to do is to answer those questions, give valuable information, and put your website link on the footer of the answer, there you can get a lot of traffic.

Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, forum, etc. The list is very long, make sure you provide value to your audience, help them solve their problems and they will beg you to take their money.

Paid traffic

You can run ads on Google, or Microsoft advertising, and you can run solo ads, and press releases. you can run banner ads etc.

When it comes to getting traffics, there are a lot of ways to do that, there are a lot of platforms with millions of people every day.

7. How to get paid

To get paid you will enter an agreement with Clickbank not the product creator. When a sale made and Clickbank splited the money send the product creator his money, take their cut and send you your portion.

You can set up automatic payment with google but there’s a threshold any time your money reaches $100 dollars and your money will deposit directly to your bank account. and also you can setup your account to receive paid via mail. When your account meet the threshold and they will send a check in your mail box.

Now you have all the basic on how to promote Clickbank product and make money, remember this is a serious business, the amount of effort you put in, that the amount of money you will make. Invest wisely be responsible.


How to make money with Clickbank? This is a question that you must know the answer buy now. It may require you to read this blog at least 2 or 3 time before you can start putting everything you have learn to use.

This is the best way to promote Clickbank or any affiliate product online, make sure you bookmark this website when I have a killer step by step blog like this you will be notify.

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