How to Drive Traffic to your affiliate marketing business

How to drive traffic to your affiliate marketing business

Most of the time Marketers fail or discouraged because the biggest problem they face when it comes to succeeding in their business is driving traffics. Driving traffic for your business requires a lot of work, most individuals don’t want to do the work, because it a lot of work, when it comes again to drive traffics to your offers, to your blog, or to your funnel.

What is a traffic?

Well in many cases people talk about traffic like if you traveling your city around 4 pm in the afternoon, you will find it harder to drive because a lot of people leaving their job trying to get home. All the major roads are busy with a lot of cars driving in all directions, and a lot of accidents too, right? I guess everyone uses to that kind of stuff, it doesn’t matter where you from or where to leave it is the same everywhere.

It is the same for businesses, it doesn’t matter if it’s a brick and mortar business Or Online business traffic is the same as a busy city is a base on its populations. Consider Walmart or any other business in your city, the amount of people shopping at that place is the amount of traffic they have. When it comes to business online it is similar, the volume of people visiting your website or your funnel is the volume of traffic that you have.

Types of traffic.

There are 2 types of traffic when it comes to business traffic, Organic traffic and Paid traffic.

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic also called free traffic, is the kind of traffic that you don’t pay money for them, you can get them naturally by referral or you can get them by exposure, create content to put on the internet. when taking that route, you have to build an audience, find out what they are searching for on the internet, and create content base on that, you have to be a fighter, a soldier, and consistent with your content. Build trust and make your follower believe in you, give them something valuable great quality pieces of information, help them solve their problem, etc.

How do to get organic traffic? If you go on YouTube or Facebook there are a lot of people creating a lot of content, do a lot of training, tutorials, podcast, etc. Those people they do not just go on YouTube and make video for fun, but they are doing that to get exposure, to get traffic to their website or to sell their product using those source of traffic that they don’t have to pay for.

No one on the internet builds their business on one type of traffic, all of the marketers out there use both, some use more organic traffic. Organic traffic can give you enough money to use for paid traffic.

2. Paid traffic.

Paid traffic is more popular in online businesses now a day, but Big businesses being using it for a long time, and most people like it better because you don’t have to expose yourself too much and you just let some software and some other company do the job for you. Paid traffic is the lifeblood for some businesses, some individuals spend millions of dollars in traffic a month to drive traffic to their business or funnel. Those big companies out there like coca-cola, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Publix, etc. Most businesses that have exploded in size have done so with the help of advertising, and that is all paid traffic, the placement of ads around the web that people click and which then drives them to your site

Paid traffic Tips

  1. Always drive traffic to a capture page. If you want to drive traffic for your business first you have to have a way to capture emails or have a subscription page.
  2. After that, you need to have an email list. The email list will allow you to keep your prospect, engage with your content or your offer.
  3. Use keywords so you don’t get random leads, You need people that show interest in the Niche that you are promoting.
  4. Always track your conversion.

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