Name for online store ideas, way to success.

Name for online store ideas

Do you want to start an online store and ask yourself, how to choose the best name for your online store? If this is you asking this question or if you already have a store but are worried because you don’t know if you chose the best name?

In this blog Name for online store ideas, I will talk about how to choose the best name for your online store, whether you want to create a Shopify store, woo commerce, or an e-commerce store, whatever you have in mind, this blog will help you.

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Name for online store, chose a good one

Choosing the best name for your business online is crucial, most people fall into this trap by not knowing how online businesses work and just purchase any domain name or come up with some crazy name that’s means nothing, a name that no one will ever find on Google or any search engines.

Depending on your experience with the online business, the store name or the website name may not be a problem, but if you are a complete beginner it is very important to do a name search for your business or online store.

2018 was the first time I got introduced to the internet business, I was trying to start a Shopify store and I fail so badly because I didn’t take the time to educate myself. I fail in the first step which chose my store name.

why your brand name is important? Building a profitable store or a successful business online will depend on how you brand your business and how well you know marketing. The success of your business will depend on your brand.

Before anything, your brand or your online name used for your store is the most important part of your business. Let’s say you choose or as your brand, trust me anytime someone goes to your website if that person will not enter their information because that looks too scammy

Name store ideas

I will give a list of some name ideas but before you will need to do a little name search. In this exercise I will use a paid tool that is “KWfinder”, KWfinder or mangools is SEO keywords research is the cheapest SEO tool in the market.

Name store ideas

Let’s say you want to sell T-shirts in your online store, and you want to know what is the best name to choose for your store. In this picture on the left in the box where it says search keyword, I do a little search about T-shirts.

I will not talk about everything in the picture but I will focus on the keyword, search volume, and KD(keyword difficulty).

The keyword is the name of your domain or your store name. Why is it important to use a keyword as your brand?

The reason to use a keyword as your store name is that you don’t want to invent the reels, you don’t want to use a name that never exists and no one knows about.

The search volume is how many people search for that keyword and people that already show interest in that product.

The KD (keyword difficulty) is how hard it will be to rank on google for that keyword, You don’t want to use a competitive keyword that means higher than 30, because it will be hard to rank on google. This is the first step

Whatever name you have in mind you will need to check if the name has any traffic and check if that name is available. Check if your store name is available here, all you have to do is pay for your hosting and you will have your domain free for a year, this is the second step.

Store names

Some examples of store name that is best for a T-shirt online store, I will use the picture above, I will choose some good names that are good names if was going to create an online store.

  •, this keyword has 16,000 searches a month with a DK 26. It is also a good keyword for PPC paid media, the PPC is only $0.50.
  •, this is an other keyword with 20,500 searches a month with a DK 22 and $0.58 PPC

I listed only 2 names just to show how to do your research to find the best name for your store. There are more than 100,000 different names for T-shirt only because T-shirt has a search volume of 2,300,000 monthly.

After your research just go and secure your store name bost purchase your hosting, remember if you use this link your domain name will be free.

Remember if you are using any link and purchase anything on this website I will get a commission, Thank you.

Online store name ideas

The best way to succeed online is to use a name that will make the process easy for you, I hope in this blog Online store name ideas way to success

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