What is the Best Keyword Difficulty Software? And Why Should You Care?

Best keyword difficulty software

Everyone knows how essential role keyword tools play in the internet business, but the problem is not to find the keywords because there are millions of keywords out there. The question is which keyword you can use and rank for that keyword on google.

Most online business dreams are to rank on google, or other search engines when typing a specific keyword phrase and see your products or business website on the 3 pack on google( the 3 pack is the way google display the top 3 most popular search for a local business)

What is the requirement to make your website appear in the top three search results on google?

Best keyword difficulty software and why you shout care? Get Instant access

To appear in the top three results on google you will need to use keywords that have low competition, which means not a lot of businesses go after this keyword.

This is why in this best keyword difficulty software blog is important, I will talk about how that software works and which one is best for you.

Best keyword difficulty software and why you should care?

What is the best keyword difficulty software and why should you care? well, you should care because everyone trying to grow online or put their business on the internet because they want a little piece of the internet pie.

Yea! there is a lot of money on the internet, and the best way to get some of that money is to use SEO tools that will help you make a better decision when it comes to what keywords to choose.

Below is a screenshot of some words that gurus will tell you to target while my SEO tool tells me don’t listen to the gurus listen to me instead because I can tell you what really going on behind the scene.

how many keywords for SEO
Very hard means even you have to most money in the world you won’t

Why keywords difficulty are important? The keyword difficulty software will tell you in advanced that you are wasting your time and even your are the richest men in the world you won’t rank in google for any keyword that the KD is higher than 50.

Best low keyword difficulty software?

why would someone invest in a SEO tool? SEO will anylize the search engines and bring results that you can’t find on your own if you do a google search or search on any search engines.

Your Keyword tool will tell you exactly what keyword to go after, Keyword difficulty ranges from zero to 100. Zero to 30 means easier to rank on search engine, 30 t0 50 medium and 50 to 70 hard, 70 to 100 don’t attempt.

Why these numbers are important? In 2020 I started an online business, especially blogging and I wrote almost one hundred blogs and never rank on google for any of my keywords. I almost quit business online by the way I quit blogging for more than 6 months, I was trying videos and but the same thing happing.

How to fing keyword with low competion and low KD?

Even though there are billions of people on google and youtube but if you don’t use the right keywords, you mostly going to fail, and fail miserably.

Your keyword software will bring back results for each search term that you have put in, Now how do you choose the right keywords? Most people use the search term or keyword for example “Best keyword tool” with KD=58, CPC=$6, PPC=13. The problem with this keyword, no one will ever rank on google organically for this keyword.

The way you can go with this is paid traffic but the cost per click is $6, which means anytime someone clicks on this keyword you will pay $6. For me, this is a no-no.

That is why it is important to use an SEO keyword tool, to find out which keyword to go after this is another example: best keywords for wedding photographers which have a KD=13 CPC=0 PPC=0.

Best keyword difficulty software and why you shout care? Get Instant Access!

Best keyword tools 2022

If you are a beginner looking for a cheap keyword that will do the job for you, my best recommendation are Keysearch.co and Mangools.com

If you are on a budget those are your alternative. You will get more than 200 keywords per search more than 100 attempts a day and a rank checker(SERP checker), link profiler, link miner, and a lots more.


Now you know which tool that will help you level up your game, it is important to use a keyword tool if you want to rank on google and other search engines. These two software I talk about in this blog have a free trial and a free option plan try one if you like switch to the other one.

These are the best cheap SEO tool that will help you find keyword difficulty that you can go after and rank on google.

If you are not on a budget the best is Ahrefs.

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