Amateur blogs.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create an affiliate marketing blog site. Everything you need to know about blogging as an amateur or beginner.

Whether someone is looking to blog for fun, starting an amateur blog, blogs to read, blog hop, Mom blogs, Hindi blogs, or any other kind of blog to make money, this post will help you get started.

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If someone trying to put their stories and experiences on the internet, or someone trying to make money blogging.

The starting process is the same for all kinds of blogs. I will talk about how in some simple steps how to start and have your blog site live in less than 30 minutes.

The process will include:

If I remember I might go over some PLUGINS and how to create sidebars, and an excellent landing page.

1. Purchase your hosting

A host is a server somewhere that saves all files of your website, but you don’t have a website yet, how to get your website if you have purchased your hosting you will need a website to host.

After purchasing your hosting the company allows you to have a domain free. Get your free domain, But before you choose your domain there are a few steps that will help you get the best name for your website. How to get the best name for your website?

Depending on what you are planning on doing, you will need to pick a domain. The best way to choose a domain?

To choose a domain there are a few steps to follow if you really want to succeed or want people to visit your website. If not only some of your friends and family who know about your website will visit your site.

Steps to choosing a good domain name:

A) choose a short name. You don’t want to choose a name that is too long and too difficult. Choose a name that is easy to remember. For example, if you don’t want something like, no.

if you check the most popular websites, they have short names like,,, and even

B) You don’t want any number, dash, or hyphen in your website name like this will make the process harder for you. Choose an easy-to-remember name

Try to find a niche website.

Most beginners made that mistake by starting their website with a made-up name, a name that doesn’t mean anything. Avoid using a word that doesn’t mean anything, this is why I’m talking about niche-related websites.

A niche-related name is a keyword that people are already interested in, not only easy to remember but thousands of people are typing that specific keyword on Google and other search engines

some hosting websites come with a free SSL and a free domain or free website name.

2. Installing WordPress.

Your hosting provider will allow you to install WordPress for free. Not all domain registrars are the same some are easier to use. That is why I will give some that I’ve been using and they are really easy to use and very affordable.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database with supported HTTPS. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Thems. Source

With WordPress, it will be easy for you to design your website, create a page, menu, sidebar heather and footer, post your content add images, etc. Most amateur blogs or bloggers are using WordPress because not only it is easy to use but also it is free. Most websites on the internet are managed by WordPress.

3. Install A Free WordPress Theme

A theme is the design of your website the way that your website will look after you are done with all the design and content etc.

If you take a look at my website, all the menus, different pages, and all designs are part of the theme. And the developer just adds content and rearrange thing according to what I like.

For an amateur blog you won’t need, a high-quality and well-designed website, you just need a website to start. Your website will never be perfect, by the way only God is perfect. You will never be satisfied with your website but as soon as it can make you the money that you are looking for. It doesn’t need to be perfect.

4. Customize your website for search engines.

Customizing your website is very important because you want not only google will crawl your website but after that you want your site to show up on google. For example when someone searches for something on Google your content have to show.

That is why it is essential to optimize your blogs and web pages using On-Page and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO means everything that going on on your website or your post.

Using Tag, tagline, or snippet. Use Keywords in your headline, using H2, H3, H4, h5, and h6 on your blog, then have your keyword in the description of your blog and Meta title.

Off-page SEO is anything that to see with creating backlinks and linking to other sites and other pages. But for an amateur blogger, or a beginner don’t focus on those because as soon as you start and keep doing it you will learn everything.

5. Write your first post then make your site live

Whiting your blogs is the most important part of a website, but if you wonder what is the purpose of a website?

Website is designed to give value to your audience, and educate the about a subject or an action you want them to take.

Why it is essential to have a blog page on your website?

A blog page allows you to add posts, add information for your audience every day without changing the look and the layout of your website.

The blog post makes it easier to target different keywords related to your website and also can target general broad keywords also that will keep your audience informed.

Also, different other programs or courses can be used to monetize your blog. Monetizing means adding affiliate links to your content and getting paid when someone purchases through your links.

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