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Many marketers know how frustrating it is when starting your business and you have to spend thousands on funnels builder software and are not even guaranteed a return on that investment.

It’s hurt to see how people are using their hard-earned money paying for software that’s not even working and that’s why I’m writing this blog to teach how to create a landing page for affiliate marketing even if you are a complete beginner trying to grow your business.

It will be a little challenging for a complete beginner to have that much money to spend in the beginning.

I will talk about some alternatives way to go around and spend less money. how to build an affiliate marketing business and spend less money on expensive software.

what are an affiliate marketing funnel and its purpose?

A funnel is just how it sounds like, a system that is used in business to get more eyeballs to your offer, and drive your visitors in the direction that you want.

The word already explained itself, no further explanation but a funnel builder is a software that allows you to create landing pages, thank you pages, offer pages, and upsell and downsell pages.

A funnel looks like a one-page website, that people are using when advertising, and that allows people to click and perform an action. Either download something or subscribe to a newsletter.

Everyone knows how expensive funnel builder software is. When I started in 2020 I didn’t know anything about funnels or funnel builder software.

My mentor told me to run my business first I needed that software. And I went and quickly signed up for click funnel which was $99 for their basic plan.

Landing page for affiliate marketing

To better explain this let’s use a store as an example. Why is a grocery store the most necessary product is always in the back? Eggs, Milk, and Juice why are these items always in the back? have you ever noticed that too?

The purpose of that is not to distract you but to make sure their less wanted, less needed products have more eyeballs. On your way to the back, you might see some stuff that you wanted and didn’t know that you want and you might grab it on the way.

Landing page for affiliate marketing free

The purpose of this blog is to talk about how to create a landing page, bridge page, offer page, and even an up-and-down sell page free using WordPress.

To use these technics it requires you to have a WordPress website. In case you have not had one, Get your free domain name here, just paid for your hosting, and request your free domain. After completing your order it will take you to a free WordPress installation window then click next.

After installing a free WordPress theme and there you can start the process of building your landing page.

If you already have a website, you can use a subdomain as your URL which is not recommended for this process, then you can create a free landing page using either element page builder or WordPress free.

The reason why a subdomain is not recommended is that you will want a simple www. vs

It’s better to use a different domain name. Then create different pages for thank you page, offer page, upsell and downsell page and link them together.

The process is simple and it is not a lot of work or time, that process can save you almost a thousand dollars or more than would have to pay for funnel builder software.

Anything you can do with a paid funnel builder can be done on WordPress for free.

How does that work?

What makes a landing a good landing? How to create a high-converting landing page?

The essential element for converting the landing page

  1. Headlines that catch their attention
  2. Subheadings
  3. Pictures
  4. Explanation

After done with the landing page and create a thank you page. The thank you URL will look like this www.yourwebsite/Thankyou, how cool is that? you can put a link tracker or use software to give analytics on which links have been clicked or not.

Then create an offer page, after the person sees your landing page, do whatever actions that you would recommend either download something or enter their name and email. The thank you page will redirect the person to the offer, and from the offer to an upsell or down sell page.

Basically, that is what funnel builder software does, it helps you create different pages for different activities. The process is so simple and after you are done with everything always test and do different tests to make sure everything works properly.

Do you need a different funnel for each offer?

if you are promoting different affiliate offers depending on the offer, it would be better if use a different domain for each offer, but if you are a complete beginner and don’t have a lot of money, one website will be fine.

Affiliate marketing landing page examples

There are a lot of ways to find landing page examples as a marketer. the best place is Clickbank or any other affiliate marketing platform. Learn more about Clickbank in this blog.

Go and sign up with Clickbank, and get ideas from their landing and that way you can use this s free method to create your own.


This process could save you a lot of money, and for the year and a half, I don’t use funnel builders like click FUNNELS or CRM like Entresoft which includes funnel builder, autoresponder, and link tracker, social media automation, and pipeline services.

I save more than a thousand dollars a year and my business runs the same as before. You don’t need to spend money on stuff that you can get for free.

If need more explanation or help on how to create your free funnel, let me know I will make time to help a few people.

Disclaimer: Link in this post are affiliate links, if you purchase something I will get a commission at no cost to you…

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