How to earn money online without investment?

How to earn money online without investment?

Have you dreamed of having a business online or making side money online but don’t want to invest your money?

In this blog, you will learn simple hacks that most people are using to make money on the internet without investing their own money.

If you are looking for a way to make money online without investment and doing nothing, thank you for visiting my blog, no need to waste more of your time you can sign off now and go watch NetFlix, or go listen to audio book, or do whatever you want.

For those who are looking to make money online buckle up and let’s go.

Earn money online without investment.

It is never been that easy before to make money online, and the good thing about the online business, you don’t need to sit in front of your computer to make money, you can make money while you are sleeping or on vacation.

7. Trusted online money making sites without investment

Trusted websites to use to Earn money online without investment, the process is simple and anyone can start earning money on the internet…

These money-making sites can make you thousands of dollars online without investing your money, but most people who are trying to make money online make nothing.

Making money online is not like buying a lottery, you need to learn tricks and strategies to make it work for you.

7 trusted website to organic get traffic to your product or services.


These platforms are for traffic, where you will find people to buy your product or service. Below I will talk about where and how to find good products to make money.

How does that work?

Remember above I said If anyone wants to make money without investment and doing nothing sign off, I will explain in this paragraph what I meant.

It will require some work, and it could take time to finally learn the strategy to make take work. Since it is about no investment, you will need to use organic traffics ” organic means free” and you won’t have to pay no money for the traffics.

First, you will need to learn about your market, and who your service or products are for, who will consume your products or services.

Create content based on what your audience wants, don’t try to force anyone to buy your product or services because they won’t. Most beginners quit before they start because all they trying to do is sells meat to vegetarians.

Why do I need to learn about my market and audience?

It is an important question to start asking before you are even thinking about going online to start your business.

Who is my customer’s avatar? The best way to do that is to use tools to help you with that, I used a keyword SEO tool that helps me since the idea is to show you how to make it work with no investment, you will find that information in google AdWords planner for free.

Learn about them, their need, and what they are looking for.

Why this is important?

Because most online business owners are selling to the wrong audience. In 2020 I started my business online and even though I was in a coaching program, no one ever told me how to define my audience and how to get in front of the right people.

I spent $36,000 in advertisement and make no return, I lost my money and waste a lot of time because I was selling a product to a group of people that don’t want my offer, it’s like I was selling meat to a group of vegans.

I’m telling you my story because you can avoid those mistakes. Find out what your audience is looking for and put that product or service in from of the

You won’t need to force anybody to buy because they are already looking to buy, all you have to do is just make the process easier for them by bringing the product in front of them so they don’t have to do the hard work themself.

Doing this sample research can save you a lot of time, and avoid you from failing like most online beginners.

Now you are ready to start creating content, based on the data that you found in your research and use those 7 trusted online money making sites without investment listed above.

Final thougts

Now since you know what to do, and where to get traffics to sell your products or service, If you haven’t done that yet go do your home work. Remember this process will take a little time, because you will have to learn while you are doing it.

If you want to simplify the process and make that money faster on the internet. Join the best coaching program on the internet, they will help you along the process.

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