How to Rank on Google.

5 tools need to rang on google

In this blog, I will talk about “5 tools need to rank on Google”. I will show you tactics and strategies, you can use if you really want to rank on google.

To rank on google, or to able to get to the first page on google search, well, you need to keep reading. The most important about a business online or blog websites is the traffic, a lot of people struggling when it comes to getting visiter to their websites. It is the most important factor of having a website, you need to get people to visit your website, And you need your website to appear on the first page when someone searches on google. What makes your website unique compared to all other websites on the internet?


5 tools need to rang on google

Keywords or phrases describing your product or service that you choose to help determine when and where your website or blog can appear. The keyword you choose is used to show your website to people. Select high-quality, relevant keywords for your blog can help you reach only the most interested people, who are more likely to become your customers.

Yes, this exactly what I want to talk about, ” 5 websites” you can use to find the keywords that can allow you to rank on google.

Five(5) tools need to rank on google.

Keyword Search

Those 5 websites are necessary when it comes to ranking on google, remember most of those tools are not free, why? Because they are designing them specifically for businesses and professionals.

  • Ubersuggest is a platform that allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge. Ubersuggest is a powerful tool there are a lot of other tools inside that website you can use but it is not free there a monthly payment depends on your budget.
  • Alexa Ranking is a global ranking system that ranks millions of the website in order of popularity.
  • Google keyword planner, is a free tool you can use to get free keywords as soon as you have a Gmail account you can use your Gmail to sign up for their keyword planner.
  • Seo Tool is the most important tool when comes to google search, I use Yoast SEO because it’s free and easy to use. Most other companies that offer that service are not free and it’s a very expensive tool also.
  • website Ranking, a tool that allows you to check your website performance, remember most of those tools are paid tool and there are not cheap.


If you are thinking about business online, it is important to have a really responsive website with all requirements. Google allows people to find information on the internet but, anything someone type on google search there are hundreds of website appear on the search. If your website does not appears on the first page or the second page on the search engine, you have a 70% of chance to never have a visitor on your website. And if I tell you there’s a million website that never appears on google search, yes! if you don’t let google know that you exist, you won’t be visible. What makes you visible on the internet is the keyword, before you start writing find out which keywords will you be targeting.

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