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Two businesses model that can make you million that you not even aware about, 2020 is one of those years where people making more money doing business online or offline. Making money never been easy and it take a lot of effort, energy, studies sometimes a lot of money too! Do you hear this quote? “ you need money to make money” that’s true! But you don’t need that much money to make those two businesses model work, off course you need money, but you need more knowledge,  you need to study a lot more in other to make them work.

Let’s start with Wholesale real estate first.

What is wholesaling real estate?

Wholesaling is the business of controlling property at a significant discount followed by the immediate resale of the property at a discount to another investor.

In Real estate wholesaling, a wholesaler contracts with a seller  then  finds an interested party to buy that house. The wholesaler contracts the home with a buyer at a higher price than with the seller, and keep the difference as (commission) or profit. They don’t want to call it commission , by law to receive commission you need to have a license, like a real estate agent ,you don’t need a license to do wholesaling business. the wholesaler find distressed properties, skip-trace it, find the owner’s name and phone number, Call them, if they are willing to sell, negotiate with the seller and sign an agreement between them and the home owner.

And then advertise the house  and assign the contract to a cash buyer.

How is it done?

Get the property under contract.

During closing period, market the property for sale (extend out closing as far as possible).

Proceeds will follow from the B – C side to Fund A-B transaction.

NB. A=wholesaler B=Home owner c=cash buyer.

Find cash buyer and open  escrow.

You keep the spread and everyone is happy. And repeat over and over.

 In a typical wholesale deal, the asset is the contract itself not the property.

Affiliate Marketing. 

What is affiliate marketing?

 Google def. “A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic  or sales generated from its referral”. Affiliate marketing is a work from home online business base.

How affilate marketing work?

You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece for each sale that you make. In other word affiliate Marketing is selling product that’s not your, you selling  somebody else product and make money.

Witch business idea do you fall in love with?

Affiliate marketing is more like a “make money online from home” business type it’s easier. you don’t have to meet with no body or call nobody on the phone, no costumer will call about anything the company deal with anything.

Do you want to learn how to do that? click here to learn more …..

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