The best way to use credit cards builds credit.

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Can you actually build your credit or increase your credit scores without paying a company to build it for you? If you want to build or raise your credit scores by 100 points overnight. Keep reading and you might find something you didn’t know before in this blog, which is the best way to use credit cards to build or raise your credit scores.

This Blog is about the best way to use Credit cards to raise your credit score by 100 points overnight. When I say overnight that doesn’t mean get credit and leave it in your wallet and think your scores will increase

Credit is important in this country and it is an obligation to keep your credit in good standing. Before we go any further.

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a card issued by a bank, or business, that contains a certain amount of money You can access and use them at any time, allowing the holder to purchase goods or services on credit.

When I first came to this country, my mother and other family kept telling me to stay away from credit or credit if  I want to have a life. But I did totally the opposite.

Most people will tell you stuff that they have never experienced because they use to tell my mother if you want to have a life stay away from credit cards or credit. This is what they called traditions, most families have a tradition.

It is true that credit card is bad? Keep reading, my experience can save you big. There is a saying that says wise people learn from others’ mistakes.

Today you will learn how not to repeat the same mistakes others made and how to increase your credit scores with a credit card without the help of anyone.

What is the best way to use a credit card?

A credit card can be a valuable tool if you know how to use it properly. Likewise, using credit cards irresponsibly can lead to a world of hurt. For example, from sublime and friend that is not using a credit card accordingly, results in a world of debt where some services company not even trust them with their services.

From experience credit card is one of the best tools out there, most people might tell you to stay away from them while you rely on credit to do everything.

Will a credit card hurt you that bad till want to stay away from credit? Well if yes, how will you bill your credit scores.

Here’s a story of my cousin, She listens to everyone in the family that has been told to stay away from credit. She never buys anything with credit and never even applies for a credit, and guest what? she never has credit.

Because she doesn’t have a credit history, is this a good idea to stay away from credit cards?

The best way to use a credit card and build your credit history, is first you will have to apply for a credit card. For a person, with no credit history, you might need to apply several times until a company accepted you.

That will not hurt you because you don’t have a credit history yet. But if you already have a credit history that is messed up, that will not hurt you that much either because you already have bad credit.

Apply for a credit card and in the next paragraphs, I will talk more about how to build a solid credit history and raise your credit score by 100 points overnight.

Best way to use credit cards build your credit.

My first credit card was a TJ Max credit card. Because, that is where I  used to go shopping, it was only $200   at that time. I used it anytime I went shopping and pay it off at once before the cycle.  And  I had a few other credit cards that I did the same for each of them.

In 2015 I went with my mother to get a loan for purchasing my first car, cause I didn’t even know if I had a good credit score or not. By the way, I didn’t what a credit score was because I’ve never checked my credit score, that was the first time.

 I had got my credit checked and my Credit score was 750, without knowing when I built my credit.  It took me a while to realize that is the way I used my credit that builds up my credit score.

When you want to build your credit using a credit card, Buy small stuff like when you put gas in your car and pay the full amount. If you do that for one year straight, you will see great results.

How to use a credit card.

There is only one Rule in using a credit card, which is to understand that the money on the card does not belong to you, it is not yours when you use it you have to pay it back.

6 Credit card tips for smart use

  1. Pay off your balance every month. …
  2. Use the card for needs, not wants. …
  3. Never skip a payment. …
  4. Use the credit card as a budgeting tool. …
  5. Stay under 35% of your total credit limit.
  6. Never close a credit card.
  7. Pay off your credit card in full frequently.

Learn more here from this course.

How much will a secured credit card raise my score

A secured credit card is no different from a real credit card, the only difference is the bank just doesn’t trust you enough with their money and they allow you to use your own money.

Whether it’s a secure card or a credit card the same principles apply. If you have used a secured credit card and don’t pay it still the bank will report it the way.


This is a great way to build your credit by using your credit card wisely, always leave a couple of dollars on your card that way there will always be activities on your card or cards.

Because every circle the bank report activities and that is how your credit history has been built.

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