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Are you a coffee drinker, or a coffee lover? Today you will discover a new product, a life-changing product, that product turns 80 years old into 18 years old in the blink of an eye cafe Delgada, don’t believe me. Here is a story.

My grandma was an 80 years old woman when I found this coffee and had her try it, my grandpa was at work and when he came back, he found a young lady in the house.

Don’t ask me what happen next because this was just a story. But yes this coffee is unbelievable, If you taste it once and you will want to have it every day.

Healthy and delicious, produce with Ganoderma which is a plan that helps with multiple health issues and can help you feel better. Have you used this product before?

Iaso Cafe Delgada coffee Reviews

Please don’t take my grandma’s story above seriously, but this one below is true.

Café Delgada is a premium Arabica instant coffee powered with the natural strength of the Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Reishi) mushroom. Delgada provides the body with key nutrients and promotes a healthy appetite.

Ganoderma Lucidum, has a long history of use for promoting health and longevity in China, Japan, and other Asian countries. It is a large, dark mushroom with a glossy exterior and a woody texture.

What are the main ingredient of delgada coffee?

There are a lot of essential ingredients in delgada coffee.

Some crucial ingredient of Iaso Delgado coffee are:

  1. Premium Sumatran instant coffee
  2. Malabar tamarin, that also refer as Garcinia cambogia
  3. Chaga extract
  4. Ganoderma Lucidum extract
  5. Green bean extract
  6. Advantra Z
  7. Natural caffeine
  8. Chaga mushroom

Ganoderma Lucidum extract

 The Latin word lucidus means “shiny” or “brilliant” and refers to the varnished appearance of the surface of the mushroom. In China, G. lucidum is called lingzhi, whereas in Japan the name for the Ganodermataceae family is reishi or mannentake. (Read More)

Top 10 conditions Ganoderma Lucidum can help with.

1. Skin,  Bright and shiny skin

2. and # Join/Back Pain, Changing their coffee therapeutic dose of Ganoderma.

3. Patients report a reduction in aches and pains.

4. Cholesterol,  Good and bad cholesterol. Ganoderma lowers the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol

5. Airway problems

Allergies, Asthma, Upper Respiratory infections

6. Mental conditions

Depression, anxiety

7. Chronic Neurological conditions.

Can be preventive. Can improve brain function.

8. Blood Pressure problems

Ganoderma lowers blood pressure.

9. Migraine headaches

Controls inflammation alkalizes the body, dilates blood vessels

10. Diabetes

Most costly condition in our healthcare system. Increasing in teenagers. If someone diagnoses diabetes as a teen, it can cause. Heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, amputation (before they are 40yrs old)

Ganoderma may help to reverse and resolve diabetes. It may promote fat loss, and can improve sleep.

Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer.

Ganoderma and mosquito bites. Ganoderma reduces the itch response.


The itchy response is less or nonexistent

Change your coffee today Switch to Delgada Cafe Today.

Dried reishi mushroom

Dried reishi is revered for being a strong, natural antibiotic, immune stabilizer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, liver tonic, and lung support. Increases oxygen in the blood with prolonged use increases longevity and well-being. Plus loaded with vitamins and minerals found nowhere else.

Reishi has been used for thousands of years as a potent medicine, it is also known as Ling Zhi in traditional Chinese medicine.

What is the benefit of reishi mushroom

Reishi mushroom is a very healthy and medicinal plant that can help with a variety of things.

  • They can boost the immune system
  • Can alleviate fatigue
  • Can be an ally against cancer
  • Could lower blood pressure
  • Might be good for the brain
  • Contain lowering cholesterol compounds

Ganoderma coffee for weight loss

If you are a coffee lover, Iaso Cafe Delgada is a low-calorie drink and tastes good. It keeps your food cravings away, boosts the metabolism, compared to the other branded coffees. So you can keep your taste buds happy as well as be calorie conscious, at the same time.

Apart from having weight-loss properties, Delgada weight loss coffee also helps boost the immune system, controls blood pressure levels, reduces signs of aging, improves skin problems, and eliminates toxins from the body.

Would you like to try this marvelous coffee? Order here now before we went out of stock!


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