Social media presence: How to build it?

Social media presence

Build a social media presence can be very beneficial for an individual that wants to grow and create a strong community.

Now social has become the best source of divertissement and entertainment in the world, and you can find anything on social media, from movies, comedy, storytelling, politics, jokes, educational advice, and more.

Thanks to the internet, now the world has come together, not physically but electronically wise you can connect with anyone with a single click in a second. Social media platforms created a field that no one thought would be possible with no exception, no exclusion.

Why social media presence?

Before we get into the tips, I want to explain why I believe every person or business who chooses to be online should invest in social media. 

It’s always a surprise to discover that many successful and professionals, even ones that build the most successful career, have social media pages that look like they were once set up and then forgotten.

It’s not uncommon to visit one of these profiles and see a lonely post dating back to 2018. Your social media profile should look professional even if you’re not, through social media, you can reach an audience of 3.96 billion people who currently use social media worldwide.

Social media presence tips:

Some tips I think that is really necessary, and those can help anyone get a better idea of how social media work or what you need to build a successful media presence. These are a few of a million tips to build your presence on social media, by doing them you will find what is more effective for you and apply it to your plan. Click on each bullet point to read the paragraph.

  • Create brand awareness
  • Build your audience
  • Create content
  • Be consistent
  • Show up

Social media presence

Below is a screenshot of someone’s answer on quora about social media presence.

Social media presence
There’s something in that picture above that is very true, but I do not agree with it.

Social media is a world, the same as the one we are living in right now, the only difference is you don’t have to leave your house to connect with the world all you need is your computer and the internet connection, and also you can connect with more people in a short period of time compared to the physical world.

What is exactly social media presence? social media presence means being active on social media channels. It matters when it comes to branding, Social media is such a tool for marketers that they can use for product marketing & branding, Social media presence also means you are there available in the market

Building a social media presence.

In order to maximize the benefits of social media, it’s important to grow your reach and follower. Here are some steps to follow to increase your social media presence:

Building a social media presence important and also it is not easy, or quick, that’s not something you can just wake up in the morning and decide you are going on social media and gain 1 million followers in a short period of time. Don’t get me wrong it is possible but not anyone can do that.

Create your brand awerness:

  • Brand awareness is a general term that describes how familiar (aware) consumers are with a brand or its products. Put simply, brand awareness is the measure of how memorable and recognizable a brand is to its target audience.
  • Establishing brand awareness is a powerful marketing strategy that leads consumers to develop an instinctive preference toward a brand and its products.
  • Making a brand recognizable and memorable is at the heart of most marketing strategies because it is a major force behind the brand trust, and ultimately, sales generation. Source1

Build your Audience:

  • Why build an audience important? when someone goes on social media and says, I’m going to promote myself or my product. There are millions of people on the internet but the worst is, no one knows you yet and the biggest problem, not everyone will be interested in you or your product. Learn strategies on how to create your audience inside this training! you will find detailed info about how big companies create their audience.
  • How do you build your audience? This is the reason a lot of people fail on social media because there are billions of people on social media, some people think if they start doing something automatically everyone will see them or their product, that way they will make a lot of money, but that’s wrong. To create your audience you need to look for people that are interested in your content or your product if you have a product and target those people that you already know from the beginning who will like you or your product. Start small, and you will grow at a fast pace, but you have to start with the right audience.

Create content

Your content that’s what going to make you stand out. A lot of people underestimate the power of creating good content, and most people go with the flow, the wave, and the train but at some point, they will have to make a U-turn. As you can see in the picture above “the quora answer picture” that guy said that no one follow him for his artwork. One thing to avoid when you want to be present on social media is, don’t try to throw spaghetti on the wall and hope it will stick, they won’t. I made that mistake and waste more than $20k and got no result or was not what I expected. It’s good because I have my business set up, and I’ve built my email list even though I don’t have people with the right interest, but I still waste my $20k.

Create Content for your targeted audience, That means you are choosing to help Millions of people that are looking for your help right now and that’s right your presence on social media is important.

Be you when creating content, be unique, and create content that stands out for you, not for others, make sure you deliver and make sure the quality is there not the quantity.

There’s a quote I publish on my TikTok account @millionairete1, that’s from Dr. Myles Munroe it says “Be valuable to the world and the world will pay you to be Yourself”, you have to over-deliver, no one sees your content yet because you just don’t have enough content out there.

Be consitent

Consistency is an art that is something you develop, if you have a chance to interview most entrepreneurs or, business owners they will tell you one thing that is consistent. Consistency can bring you the result that you are looking for.

Show up

One of the most important things when it comes to social media is being there, and showing up, you need a schedule, what time you post, and what time you live if you’re going to use live stream. Be honest, let your followers know when you will be live and when you will post.

Social media presence for business

Social media can be an important source of marketing for today’s businesses, but to get the most out of social media, it’s important to expand the size of your social media presence.

By extending the reach of your social media accounts and making the content you post more efficient at producing new business, you can help your company grow. In this article, we discuss what a social media presence is, why it’s important and how to grow your business’s social media presence.

Increase social media presence

Presence is one of the most important factors to build a relationship and connect with your audience Increasing your presence will allow more people to connect with you you have to be unique and professional, when I say professional I’m talking about your look and image quality, and that doesn’t mean at the beginning if you don’t have those you won’t start, no. start and make mistakes, and learn from your mistakes.

Two ways you can increase your social media presence

Organic traffic,

Organic means people connect with you by seeing your content and love what you are doing, and find value in what you doing, they chose to follow and become your fan, you don’t advertise to them and you don’t pay money to get those people attention, that happen organically.

Paid media(paid traffic)

Those are people you advertise to and see your ad, interested in your content or product deside to follow you.

It’s important to have both, organic traffic and paid traffic because to start you will need to tell the platform what you are looking for, this is the type of audience you want, advertise me to those people so I don’t spend too much unnecessary money. To start you have to season your page with a few pages likes ads, and when you have enough attention and switch to an organic way.

To build your Social media presence you will need to:

Listen to your customers

With so many people engaged online, it makes social media the perfect place to collect the opinions of those who matter most–your customers! Though you might not view a channel as a business social network you can use it to get informal feedback from your customers and ask them how they feel about your brand and services. Listening and engaging with your audience online will show that you care about your brand community and the input of those who are supporting you.

Use video content to give a clearer view of what you offer

Written content can be great for SEO but many people or businesses are now also using the power of social media to make more of a visual connection with their audience. Statistics show that one-third of activity online is being spent watching videos so with that kind of reach it’s no surprise that marketers and firms are seeing it as one of the best avenues for business communication.

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process either, as most videos should be quite short at around two minutes or less, so don’t be afraid to get involved and show a more visual side to your business.

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