Jeff Lerner reviews

Jeff Lerner Reviews

This is a 100% legit review of Jeff Lerner, Information that I will provide in this review will be true and will help you in taking the right decision whether to work with Jeff or Join Entre Institute which is his online training course.

There are a lot of Jeff Lerner reviews out there, some of them are people who have a similar program and don’t know anything about Jeff’s program, they review Jeff and refer people to their program.

Some others are Jeff’s students like I’m, and some other marketers that are looking for Adsense money. But this one is a true Jeff Lerner review because I went to all his training from his blueprint to coaching except mastery.

I will tell you the truth because I don’t have anything to sell you, this is not a selling pitch blog, but to educate you about your decision.

Before we go deeper in this review let’s talk about Jeff Lerner’s story. Find some more reviews of Jeffer Lerner on Trustpilot where most of us Entre students write reviews about him and his training.

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Who is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff was born on March 1979, in Houston Texas, He is an American serial entrepreneur, mentor, influencer, speaker, author, and a former Jazz piano musician. Read this amazing review of Jeff from Wikitia.

Jeff was a professional Jazz piano player playing gigs for millionaires’ special parties. He was a high school dropout and can’t even get a good job.

He fails so many times at the beginning of his life. In 2008 Jeff Lerner injured his wrist and couldn’t be played piano which was his only job. Fails twice in the restaurant business, fails in his marriage, and ends up divorcing his first wife.

Struggling with depression and was $459,000 in debt. In the same 2008 living in his wife’s parent’s spare bedroom and Jeff Lerner found affiliate marketing.

Studying and working hard in 18 months, he ends up paying his debt and building several 6, 7, 8 figures businesses.

Honor by Inc. 5000 magazine many times. Sold his first business, and start Entre Institute in 2017 which is an online education training platform.

Inc. 5000 honers Jeff Lerner in 2021 no, 1,664 for Entre Institute “an online community of entrepreneurs providing training and support to grow online businesses”.

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Jeff Lerner Inc. 5000

In 2017 Jeff started Entre Institute the fastest high-ticket training on the internet according to inc magazine. In 3 years he help more than 200,000 students and was named to the business council by Forbes magazine in 2022.

Features in so many magazines recognized as the leader in the online training and coaching business in all time.

The reason you reading this blog review is probably you saw a video of Jeff Inviting you to Join Entre Institute Blueprint and want to know if this is a legit program.

If that is what you are looking for, the Jeff Lerner program is a legit training that will teach you how to start and grow a real business online.

Jeff Lerner Review

If you are skeptical about his program and wonder if this can really help you? This review is written by an Entre student.

Here’s my story: In 2020 I was in my bathroom unemployed I was trying to start a wholesaling business and cause of the pandemic, no one wants to meet with wholesalers and I failed.

Since I was unemployed and looking for opportunities, I decided to give it a try. I pulled my credit card since I had no money and pay for the training.

I love the structure and how the training is laid out and how much information is provided, I decided to go to the next step, until the coaching program.

Since this review is not about me, this is enough about me let’s go back to Jeff Lerner’s reviews where I will tell you what you want to know about Jeff.

Jeff Lerner Achievement.

Jeff Lerner Entre Institute
  1. Founded Entre Institute in 2017
  2. Create Entresoft in 2021
  3. Write Unlock Your potential in 2022
  4. Have a YouTube channel of around 83k subscribers
  5. Several Facebook groups with thousands of followers
  6. Networth of more than 100 million dollars
  7. And many more…

On his YouTube channel, he gives more free training than what you get in his paid course. But if you’re looking to hold your hands and rise with you, you must Join Entre Institute. Watch Jeff Lerner’s video here.

Jeff Lerner Reviews, Entre Institute product line

Here’s how their dashboard looks like in Entre Institute

Entre Digital Training courses

  1. “Affiliate Business Accelerator: ” how to build an affiliate business from scratch regardless of your previous knowledge or experience”
  2. Agency Business Accelerator: ” how to build a profitable agency from scratch regardless of your previous knowledge and experience”.
  3. Knowledge business accelerator: How to build a digital course business from scratch regardless of your knowledge or experience.
  4. Entre Coaching: The ENTRE Coaching team includes coaches trained in traditional business coaching and online business, a rare combination not often found in the same place.
  5. Mastery: This is the next level.
  6. Live event training, etc.

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