What is blogging and how can we make money blogging?

make money blogging

At MillionaireTek, we help dad’s from corporate jobs they hate, create a better and more secure life for their families by creating a successful digital business online, and starting a new beginning.

We teach from A to Z about blogging, and how to even run an agency that provides SEO or PPC service without even being an expert in the field.

Learn in this free blog How to start a blog as a business and profit from it for life.

3 simple steps to start a blog and make money.

  1. Do a market research
  2. Know your future prospect
  3. Set up your business

The way people earn money blogging is to use Adsense which means Google put ads all over your website and anytime your website visitors click on any ad you will get paid.

But Adsense is not the most effective way to make money blogging, there are more ways to make more money doing the same thing other marketers or bloggers are doing out there as a beginner.

Blog owners use a formula which 80/20 rules, this is a simple rule to calculate how others are making a profitable blogging business on the internet.

The 80/20 rule means most bloggers make money with only 20% of their blogs and 80% of them never rank on google.

What if we can show you how to profit 100%, instead of 80/20?

Before I go into more details, I have to answer this, what is blogging or what is a blog?

Blogging is similar to social media, the same way you post on Facebook and other platforms. It is the same thing except using a longer form of content using your own digital property instead someone else platform.

If you wonder what is a blog? A blog is a website that an affiliate marketing expert uses to post content that pleases google and answers some specific questions someone types in google.

This is the same thing when blogging, it’s just posting content on your website that will help your viewers or visitors in a specific area in their life, Or make an easy purchase decision.

Whether you doing affiliate marketing or selling your own services, the goal is the same to give instructions, educate your visitors about your product or services and tell them how to buy that.

People are making a lot of money with their blogs, I will give you a few references in case you wonder if there are people out there making a living blogging.

I know a lot of people but I will give you only these two as references, check Adam Anfroy’s story on how he makes millions of dollars blogging.

And also check Marcus Campbell Affiliate marketing dude who’s been doing internet business for 22 years using the same technic that I’m talking about.

How can we make money blogging?

Blogging a is business online like any other business, to start a business the first step is not to start spending money on buying equipment and hiring employees.

Businesses in general don’t start to buy spending money on equipment or on advertisements. It is a mistake that most people make including me when I was starting my business.

Most people will focus on the money part and forget the starting parts which are the research phase and market study.

But the first step is to do a market search to find out what you want to provide as services or products and who you are going to serve.

The reason most people hate business and don’t do it is that someone someday dragged them into a scenario and told them they were going to get rich overnight, blindly enter and confused, and never take time to learn how this really works.

This is why in this blog I will tell you, If I had to start over today, the step I would take and succeed online.

Steps I would take to make money blogging starting today:

Do a market research

Why is it important to do market research? No one starts a business to lose money except if they are a complete idiot that doesn’t know what they are doing.

Find out if the product or services you will provide is needed on the market, selling something that people don’t want is like putting a meeting market in a neighborhood of vegan people.

This is not a hazard you won’t find McDonald’s in a certain area, a business owner doesn’t put their business out there by chance, they know what works before they start.

Doing market research will give you an advantage on how to position yourself, know your customer, and who you will serve before you start.

Know your prospect or Your customer avatar

What service you will provide, and who will accept to get that service and have money to pay for that?

Most business owners especially business online owners, don’t know who are their customers and what their customers want. This is why there is a lot of complaint about businesses, and no one wants to get involved.

Knowing your customer avatar just means knowing who they are, where they are, and what they want before they even know that they want it.

When you know your prospect you will not need to force anyone to buy from you, they will buy automatically because you bring a service or product that they want.

Set up your business

Remember this is not the most important part of the business. The difference between my strategy and what other people are teaching on the internet is, they will tell you to start by setting up your business first, This is why most internet marketers quit before they start.

These are a few steps to set up your business

  1. purchase a domain related to your niche market
  2. Set up all your digital properties(your website, YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, Facebook group, Instagram account, TikTok, quire, etc)
  3. Find a traffic method
  4. Promote your product or services
  5. Make money, scale, and grow.

Do you want to learn how to put all these pieces together in a quick and efficient way click to join the Entre Blueprint

Another way to earn money by blogging

You sign up for affiliate marketing products, you can add affiliate links to your content and anytime you make sales you will make money.

They are a few platforms that are beginner friendly, like Amazon, Clickbank, ShareASale, Flexoffer, Impact, etc.

Using affiliate links you will get paid per sale, while with Adsense you will get paid by clicks.

But how does that really works, how do you set up your business for success?

I have many blogs talking about affiliate marketing, other programs, or affiliate networks like ClickBank and Amazon, and also review some personalities in the field that did great and create multi-millionaire dollars online.

A personality like Jeff Lerner, Check Jeff Lerner’s reviews on my website and his program Entre Institute which is a program that I personally took and where I have learned everything that I know about business online and blogging.

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