Affiliate marketing 101, step to start an affiliate marketing business.

affiliate marketing 101

Do you want to know the first to start an affiliate marketing business? well, the first step is simply just set up your business the right way. This is very simple but most people don’t get it.

My answer might be different for this question, I know a lot of people already answer that, but I will talk about something that works and no one really pays attention to it.

The first step to doing affiliate marketing is not finding a product or signing up for an affiliate marketing network. And also it is not email spammy links to your friends and family.

Most people are still scared of the internet, even though there are rules and regulations to stop scams on the internet but some newbies still doing it wrong.

But no worries if you are new and have no ideas about what going on, and want to make some money on the internet using affiliate marketing selling other people’s products or services online.

Keep reading and your answer is in the front.

Affiliate marketing 101

The first step is to find a niche, this is a little advanced and all advanced marketers will agree with me. But don’t worry if you are a beginner just learn and do the same you will see results.

After, determine what traffic method you will use to promote your services or products. If you wondered how am I going to do that?


Now, it’s time to explain after you have a niche and traffic method now you still can’t start looking for products in your niche. Why?

Most affiliate Marketer think they are smart, they can reinvent everything, also they think they can force people to buy. Let me tell you nobody cares about you and your product.

The reason to find a niche and traffic method first is:

  1. A lot of marketers are making a lot of money out there, go and check on what they are doing and how they doing it. What traffic method do they use , how long thhave doing that, if they have been doing it for a while that mean it working for them.
  2. Find out how big is your market, what people are looking for, and how will you reach them quickly. Watch what other people are doing, do not copy them create your own stuff, 2 people can do the same thing.

After you have done with your niche and traffic method, now it’s time to setup your business.

  1. Choose a domain related to your niche(Get a free domain name using this link here) Just pay for your hosting.
  2. Create your digital real estate properties(Your website or blog, YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, Facebook group, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, etc)
  3. Start posting 2 or 3 times a day until you get enough followers.

Affiliate marketing 101, the first step to start an affiliate marketing

Above, was the first step to starting an affiliate marketing business the right way. Affiliate marketing is a business whether you trying to do it full-time or part-time you have to set it up the right way.

The purpose of using this method is: affiliate marketing has no loss except if you have no idea what you are doing and you do not listen.

An affiliate marketing business by itself is an asset, an asset is something that makes you money instead of spending money on it.

Also an asset can be purchased or sold, if you didn’t know that, you can sell your website, your YouTube channel, your Facebook group etc.

If you take the time to build it, in time it will be worth money sometimes a lot of money. The most expensive website ever sold was check the price they sold the website for here! I’m not kidding.

If you don’t set it up as a business, even you signing up for multiple marketing network, have joined a lot affiliate program, you won’t make no money until you quit.

After setting up your business the right way, if you feel that business is too much for you, just put the website site for sell.

Before I continue to do this, click on this link, choose a name and see how much a website can be appraised for.

Enter the name and click on get value.

The benefit of starting your affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing can be very beneficial when setup correctly.

  1. Low startup cost
  2. Can be done anywhere as soon as there’s an internet connection
  3. Everything can be outsourced, no need to be an expert
  4. Can make as much money as you want, this is an effort-based business
  5. Retired at any age and retired your whole family quick

Disadvantages of affiliate marketing

  1. You have no control over your business
  2. Can be frustrating if overthinking it
  3. This is a business for doers


Hope this answer helps. If you need more information on how to set up and start making money online click here. Everyone starts online the same way, by understanding the first step and taking the right action. @ years ago I was a complete dumb beginner who didn’t even know what was a blog.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for how you decide to use this information. Some Of The Offers Promoted On This Site Are Affiliate Offers… We May Be Getting Compensated For Referring You To These Offers. Click here to learn more.

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