Live like a millionaire while you are becoming one, virtual millionaire review

Virtual millionaire review, millionaire life

Living like a millionaire is not what you might think,  most of the time people refer to nice and expensive cars, a big mansion,  luxury yachts,  expensive watches, gold necklaces, etc, when talking about a millionaire. But in reality, those are not really characteristic of a millionaire.

In this blog, I will use Myron Golden’s words and how he describes the virtual millionaire’s cash flow and how real millionaires make their money, and how they spend it.

I will also do some math on different ways someone can become a millionaire, which one is effective, and which one is not.  What you should do with your money and what you shouldn’t do with your money.

The millionaire shortcut


The best way to become a millionaire and stay a millionaire for the rest of your life. The virtual millionaire is about that and how to create a business plan that will create cash and residual income, and live like a  millionaire without spending your daily earnings.

Virtual millionaire review

The virtual millionaire is a program created by a multi-millionaire,  someone who is making most of his money using principles that he found in the bible.

Principles that the greatest king of all time had used to build wealth.  According to Dr. Myron’s golden statement. I’m going to use the same word he used “these principles worked before,  they work now, and they will always work”

If you say that the bible is the word of God and religion says that money is evil,  everything that’s going on is because of money people want money for all causes. The bible is a holy book why principles to create wealth come from the bible?

Well, first the bible is not a holy book, it is a book with formulas and principles to live a good life in other words, the Life that God wants us to live. I advise people to go and listen to Dr.Myron Golden themself because there is so much confusion in those religious things that I don’t want to get involved with.

I’m just a guy who talks about millionaires and is living like one while I’m on my way to becoming one.

The virtual millionaire is a training designed to teach people the formula and principles to become a millionaire,  not the way everyone else is teaching it or talking about. On my website, millionairetek check the millionaire shortcut pdf where you can learn more about the best way to become a millionaire.

How to live like a millionaire, virtual millionaire review.

Let’s say someone is making $100,000.00 a year, has his monthly bills of $7000, and saves $1000 per month. with inflation and everything how long will it take that guy to become a millionaire?

I’m going to use a different guy with the same yearly income and instead of saving $1000 per month, the second guy invests that $1000. Which one possibly will become a millionaire quicker.

I invite you to watch this video on youtube where Dr. Myron Golden talks about how to live like a millionaire while you are becoming one, watch the video below.

After watching this video you will have an idea about Virtual millionaires.

A virtual millionaire is about living on the work that you have done once and getting paid over and over again.

What is the take-out of virtual millionaires?

Do you want to learn how people create wealth? People who are becoming one most of the time start broke and sometimes really broke.

Everything starts with an idea, do a little research on the internet, and what you will find is just a bunch of people who have an idea, they start working on it until it becomes something.

Later in this post, I will talk about a few business ideas in 2022 that make you a million dollars in no time. But the question is will you ever make a million dollars? Business is risky, I remember when I was in CULINARY school they told me that 45% of restaurant businesses open fail in their first year, 25% in the second year and only 6-10% succeed and stay in business.

it is the same for any kind of business, some people don’t even have the patience to do something for 2 years, to figure out if that could work or not.

I was listening to…..Brian Tracy.. said that mastering one skill will take 7 years. That’s why most people failed on their way to becoming financially free. No one wants to do something for 7 years.

People want instant success and want to live like a millionaire while they rely on their job only. If they stay home for 2 weeks not going to work they will be broke for 3 weeks.

You can live like a millionaire on your way to becoming one if you follow along. Live like a millionaire is able to do something or create something and make money on that for a long time or for life without doing the work.

is that possible? Yes, it is! I’m going to talk about that, the business you can start, do the work once, and keep getting paid over and over.

because the only way you can become a millionaire is by not using your muscles but your mind, creating passive income. Make your money work for you and live with the interest of your capital.

Virtual millionaire continuity program

What is a continuity program? It might be for the first time you hear the term continuity or you might know what it means but no one has ever used it in business before. A continuity program is something that someone buys once and keeps paying on a monthly basis for that program.

Some examples of continuity:

  1. Your Self phone bill, let’s say you have a phone you buy once, cheap or expensive or it was gifted to you it doesn’t matter, the phone itself is not really mean something if you don’t pay for the monthly service. This is a continuity service, the day you stop paying for the service that’s the day your phone is useless
  2. Your utility bill: In general most of those bills are for a lifetime, no one can live without them. People who understand those principles used them and create wealth, while the majority are only consuming, and pay with no return.

The list will be too long if I try to list everything people pay in continuity, but my goal is not to talk about all your bills, but to talk about how you can build your own program instead of you paying someone, now someone will pay you over and over. That’s what people do to live like a millionaire while they are on their way to becoming one.


4. Business ideas to start and live like a millionaire

  1. Membership site
  2. Software services
  3. Plugins developer
  4. Affiliate marketing

Membership site

If you watch the video above Dr. Myron talks a lot about membership sites. I hope you know already what is a membership site. Most of us use Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even some news, or sports website to watch programs.

This is the easiest way to create passive income and live like a millionaire. Now how do you create a membership website? Dr. Golden has special training that teaches exactly how to do that. Join now!

Software Services

One of the richest people in the united state create his business by developing and selling software, when talking about Microsoft you see Bill Gates, When talking about IOS you see Apple, and there are thousands of other people in the same industry sailing software.

The most important about that business you don’t need to be an expert in the field, you can outsource everything or create a team of experts to work for you.

Paid Plugins

Plugging is similar to the software except a plugin helps you do a specific job, like a plugin that allows you to download stuff on the internet or removed background on an image, create a contact form, etc.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process where an affiliate marketer earns a commission by promoting a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser. The affiliate partner has rewarded a payout for providing a specific result to the retailer or advertiser. Source

Marketers are making a lot of money promoting products that are service-based or continuity products also called recurring commission. This means anytime the customer renews their service you will get a percentage.


You are so close to starting living like a millionaire while you are on your way to becoming one, the question is will you? PAUL B. FARRELL “The millionaire code” author explains in his book that most Americans know the formula to becoming a millionaire, not only do they read in newspapers and magazines but they have a shelf of books talking about how to become one.

But guess what just about 4% of Americans actually are becoming millionaires and staying one. Becoming one will require what most regular people won’t do.

Disclaimer: Link in this blog are actually affiliate links, click on my link and go to the retailer and purchased something, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

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