Work from home jobs that pay well in 2022.

Work from home

Are you looking for a job that you can do online, from home? Do you have a laptop, tablet, or phone with a reliable internet connection? If so, this live chat assistant job could be for you.

No employer wants to pay insurance, rent, and have a lot of employees working in one place more. Expert shows that most employees work only 4 or 5 hours a day and waste 3 or more hours doing nothing on-site.

Work from home job

We have a job opening for someone from the USA, Canada, Australia, Uk Italy, etc, to be a paid live chat assistant, starting right away.

If you are interested and available we will be able to get you trained and have the first pay-check for you within days. 

We are hiring people from all countries right now for these positions. Full training is provided and we are looking for people who can start work right away. Click Apply Now to complete your application if you are interested.  

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Online work from home.

We thought the internet was a scam, I know you think the same thing also, but let me tell you most entrepreneurs that are created in the last decade are internet related.

How does all that happen if you are asking this, and you can find them and asked them that specific question? All of them will answer you the same way, they do it all online from home. Yeah, online work from home is not a secret nowadays.

After the pandemic, millions of people switch to the online world and it is kind of fun because you don’t have to worry about fighting the traffic, waste gas, and nowadays gas is so expensive, stay home and do the same thing you would do in your workplace.

Parents are now can watch and see their children grow, stay home, and make more money than when you had to drive to a place, or work with coworkers you dislike.

Online work from home platforms creates an environment where there is no discrimination, you can be still in bed and open your laptop and start working. The funniest thing is you can have a meeting while you’re in bed using meeting platforms like zoom meeting.

That could not be more interesting, and the online opportunities are growing every day. More people will stay home and work.

Best work-at-home jobs.

If you still don’t know yet how the work from home mumbo jumbo works, In this blog I will give you a little detail on how to work at home and make enough money so you don’t need to go find a job to make you ney.

What is some best work you can do at home?

If you search online right now about this topic you will find a lot of answers, and until now millions of people are searching this every month according to Kwfinder which is a keyword tool that I use to see what people are looking for on the internet.

For those who are interested in a freelancing job, this is a great cheap keyword tool people who just started online use that make the job easier for them.

Remember when trying to work online, let’s say a company hires you as a content writer, you will be required to have your own software or other tools that will make the job easier for you.

I will list the 20 Best work-at-home jobs, you can start and make money right away, and if you want to use a shortcut download the millionaire secret here or click on this link.

20 Best work-at-home jobs.

1. Online Marketing

Provide service to a specific clientele based on their need, Online marketers can work as an agent(gigger) or set up their own agency and sells services like Seo Service, web development, or advertiser. An online marketer estimates an average of $500 minimum per client.

2. Online Freelance Job

Work as an independent contractor, it could be for companies or gig sites like,, or An online freelancer can work as a content creator, web developer, video creator, social media post or guest blogging, etc.

3. Live Chat assistant:

This job today requires you to reply to live chat messages on behalf of businesses. It’s an online job that you can do from anywhere, and the starting pay is $25 per hour going up to $35 per hour. Businesses now have live chat messages coming in through their websites and all of their social media accounts, so they need to hire people like you to help them respond quickly to all of these messages. You don’t need any experience for this job because full training is provided, and we are looking for people who can start work right away. If you have an interest in this topic, read all the details here…

4. Online Gaming

Do you use the streaming platform Twitch? If you do, would you like a job working for companies replying to chat messages on their channel? We have a lot of businesses right now hiring live chat assistants to work on their Twitch accounts, replying to customer inquiries. You will be given their account access as well as being told what to reply to the most commonly asked questions. Twitch is a huge growth channel for many businesses so they are hiring a lot of people all over the world for these jobs and the pay is very good. Read more details here…

5. Chat On Twitter Job

This is a job posting for online jobs where you get paid to chat with customers on a business’s Twitter account. These are remote positions, meaning you log in online to do the work, and all you need is basic English skills and a Twitter account. Read full details here…

6. Get paid to send DM’s

Would you like to get paid to send DM’s on Instagram and Facebook? If so, this is the job for you. The number of businesses that now use direct messaging on social media platforms as their main way of communicating with their customers is at an all-time high. That means these businesses need to hire more live chat workers to send and reply to these DM’s with their customers. And with this job application on this page, you can be the next person hired for one of these jobs. Click here to learn more…

7. Shopify Assistant Job

A number of Shopify stores on our platform are hiring new live chat operators to respond to customer live chat messages on their Shopify stores. These jobs are open for application worldwide, with strong demand for new workers from English Speaking countries. See the complete details here…

8. Facebook Messenger Job

We are hiring a number of new Facebook Chat Assistants. This is an entry-level live chat job, where you will be answering questions from customers on a business’s Facebook messenger chat account. These jobs are hiring right now and full training is provided. You just need 20 hours a week of availability and a device that can access Facebook messenger. Here are the details…

9. Website Chat Assistant Job

This is an open job position to be a website chat assistant. We currently have lots of different businesses hiring for these positions in all countries right now. Website chat assistants are the people who answer the customer’s live chat support or sales questions on a business’s website. The work is done online, normally from home. Read the full details here to complete your application if you are interested.  

10. Send TikTok DM’s 

These businesses are currently hiring new live chat assistants to reply to DM’s from customers on their TikTok accounts. These jobs are available all over the world, the work is done online, and you just need a TikTok account, reliable access to the internet, and 20+ hours a week to work on this. Check out here to complete your application if you are interested.  

11. Live Chat Job For Shoe Company

We have an online shoe retailer that is looking to hire 10 live chat assistants. This business is growing fast and taking a lot of orders through its website. They offer live chat sales and customer support to their customers on their website and this job posting is to hire workers to be these live chat assistants. Full training is provided and you work online from your phone or laptop.

12. Instagram Chat Assistant

Several online retailers are looking to hire additional Instagram Chat Assistants to help drive more sales through Direct Messages sent to their Instagram accounts. This is online work that can be done from anywhere, full training is provided and the pay is $250 a day. Hiring workers from all countries. Read full details here to complete your application if you are interested.  

13. Become a Website Chat Support Agent 

Have you ever chatted to a business via live chat on their website? The person you were talking to is a website chat support agent, and they are getting paid $25 – $35 an hour to help you. Right now there are thousands of businesses hiring website chat support agents, no experience is required as full training is provided. If you are looking for an online job that you can start right now, full details are here…

14. Facebook Chat Assistant 

Do you use Facebook? Are you looking for a job you can do online? Hundreds of businesses are currently hiring new Facebook Chat Assistants to chat with their customers on Facebook. There are a lot of positions available for people from all countries and because of the high demand for new workers, entry-level jobs are paying $30/hr. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, read on for the full job spec…

15. Mariage and Families therapist

Marriage therapists work with individuals or couples or families. They bring a family-centered perspective to treatment, even when treating individuals, they evaluate family roles and development, to understand how client families affected their mental health.

A marriage and family therapist’s salary is estimated from $17 to $46 an hour, Ref.

16. Graphic Designer

An online graphic designer is a person who has the ability or knowledge of using software like Can be working as logo creator, intro video creator, youtube thumbnail, photoshop, etc. An online designer can charge up to $40 minimum per gig or job.

18. Social media marketing manager

Similar to an online marketing job, the social media marketing manager is responsible for managing advertisement accounts for companies, analyzing data, creating campaigns, promotions, etc. A social media manager’s salary is estimated at $90,000 a year. according to

19. Content Marketing

As a content marketer, you will be responsible for inbound marketing strategies to build brand identity and online presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia content online. This involves developing content strategies, growing an online community, and tracking that community growth. Check how you can be a content creator here.

The average salary of content marketing is evaluated at $80,000 a year according to google.

20. Video Content Creator

High demand for video content creators, it is responsible for creating and editing video marketing, video content for social media, etc.

Video content creators get paid based on performance with an estimate of $120,000 a year. Click here to learn more.


Now you can work from your own comfort, no need to fight traffics again, in this blog you have to learn about the different position available on the internet. The only thing that can stop you is you, the only person who can prevent you from making the amount of money that you wanted is you, don’t limit yourself. Learn about those opportunities and make them happen.

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