How to improve your speaking skills?

How to improve your speaking skills?

If you have been asking yourself, how do I improve my speaking skills? or how do I improve in any area in my life? Today’s blog is about the best way to improve yourself in speaking writing, grammar, etc.

The technic that I’m going to talk about was the same that I used a couple of years ago to improve my skill in music. I used to practice guitar and it was amazing to see how fast I became good at it without even realizing that.

That improvement technic that I’m also using in my business right now can work in any area in your life, you want to become efficient in something? This is exactly what this blog is about, You can learn from this Dude that teaches people how to improve and master their skills Check it out here

Improve speaking skills

Improving your speaking skills or communication skills is a long process and requires consistency and motivation. Improving your speaking skills is not only about when learning a new language, even for a native speaking individual improving communication skills requires time and commitment.

When it comes improving speaking skills in any language, it will require improvement in many other things: Like improving your grammar skills, writing skills, vocabulary skills, listening skills, and speaking. It is not as easy as it seems but you already have all the requirements all you need is to develop the ability.

To be good at speaking, it is very important to not practice ways to improve your speaking skills. It was the same when I was learning music, I never practice songs, I never practice chords and scales, I learned them because those are the basics.

The same technic that I’m going to about that will take your speaking skill off the roof. But before why do you want to improve your speaking skills?

How to improve English speaking skills quickly at home?

This is not a hard question to answer, sometimes it is harder to do what you have to do than answer a question. Let’s go straight to the point, the skills that you are looking to improve will be required learning time and time to process the pieces of information. In my blog 14 secrets of a self-made millionaire I talked about that and in a video of Tracy Brian he said to really master a skill requires 7 years of practicing.

But no one has 7 years to master a skill, nowadays everyone is busy, too much going on right now and it is easier to learn also because of the rise of the internet. Everything you want to learn now is on youtube, and there have training for everything, from how to check your credit score to how to make a million dollars online.

To improve your skill from home you will need to motivate yourself, it is very important to stay motivated and up to the game. Now let’s talk about different ways to improve your speaking skill from home.

1. Listen to audio books

Listening to audiobooks will help you improve your punctuation skills, listening skills, and speed reading skills. People don’t have a lot of time to seat and read books, but with audiobooks, you can be doing anything, from driving to work, on the job working, or while you sleeping you can listen to books all the time. Check this blog Benefits of listening to audiobooks.

2. Textbook

Textbooks can help you retain more information when reading and focus more, your mind can stay more on what you are reading because of less distraction versus listening to audiobooks, if you are on your phone, a text or a call might pop up and distract you.

When trying to improve your skill you need to be constantly learning. Even audiobooks can be distracted but it is easier to listen to a 3 hours book in one day depending on what you are doing than reading a 500 pages book.

3. Ebooks/PDFs

PDFs are a good way to learn, most popular books are coming in three formats, textbook, audio, and pdfs. You can purchase any book in one of those formats or all 3 of them depending on what you want to achieve

4. Work on your confidence

This one is the most difficult one being confident, it is difficult but not impossible. The only way to be confident is by doing, do it long enough and you will be confident in time. Watch the person you love to listen to closely if you can meet with them and ask questions.

5. Talk to yourself in the mirror

If your language is not clear enough it will be a problem for others to understand you, talking in front of your mirror can help you improve. Most great speakers were shy or still shy, but by practicing they become the person they are right now. Remember practicing in the mirror and talking to a person are two different things after talking in front of your mirror, go and practice with other speakers.

How to develop speaking skills?

Remember above I was talking about the technic that I used in my business and in music, this is exactly what I’m going to talk about now, but I will go back in forth from music to speaking, stay with me.

The technic is simple, remember I told you that when I was learning music I didn’t practice music? Yes, this process can be used for anything. From learning how to make money from home, start a blog site, teach your kids how to behave, or teach your kid how to read or write.

When you are teaching your kid to read you don’t start by throwing big words at them, you start by using the alphabets, the difference between vowels and consonants, then 1-word letters, 2,3,4 words letters. In no time your kids can pick up everything and are good at reading.

The same thing applies to improving your speaking skill, start slow by learning all the basics and exercise a lot. More exercise, more practice better you will be.

2020 I started my business and I was learning how to make youtube videos, in other to make the video, I had to practice my speech speed, and how many words I can use in a 1-minute video. I had to record a video listening to myself speaking and see If I was giving a speech or if I was listening to myself speaking, would I like it or not. Talk and see if you can understand yourself, if it’s hard to understand yourself, it will be harder for someone else to understand you.

Record yourself, check how slow or how fast you speak, the tone of your voice, can you hear every single word you said, with no problem, how long does it take you after one sentence to another, do you have a lot of Hmmm, annnd, soo, etc.

Practice what can make a great speaker, everything that contributes to making you a great speaker, do not start by reading books and scripts on how to speak but read about the technics and the basics.

This technic also can apply to businesses online, those people who make money online, what they do and how they do that, are they start selling right away, or they have to learn how to do it, how many classes they have to take. Do they have to learn about consumer behavior? Do they have to learn how to write sale letters copy? Do they have to learn about funnels, email lists, Seo, Keywords research, google analytics, absence, and sale process? How much do they know?

Download the millionaire shortcut pdf on my home page, and sign up for the blueprint that way you will how to improve yourself, the best way to market yourself, and make money while you are learning the process. Remember what will make you a great speaker is not practicing speeches.

The process of improving is a lot, but you will fail if start to improve your speaking without learning the basics of speaking, all the small pieces that will make you a great speaker.


If you want to learn how to speak or how to be a speaker don’t start learning about speaking, learn another discipline that can contribute to your speaking journey. Thank you for reading my blog, comment in the comment section tell us about your experience on this website.

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