Is Affiliate Marketing Hard?

is affiliate marketing hard

This is a question that most beginners or people who want to start in affiliate Marketing keep asking. But it’s a great question by the way. Is affiliate marketing hard? Find out in this post, if you read till the end you will see it easy when using the shortcut.

Well, I just decide to share this cause I felt the frustration of not making the first sale despite efforts. Note I said effort because the effort you are putting in might not be the best for your campaign.

now let me quickly explain why I feel affiliate marketing is not that hard dough, not a piece of candy though. Yes, But it is also sweet.

Why do people find it hard?

People find it hard because they just try to do only what they read, and never want to try and experiment on what they read or learned and develop strategies that work for them. Now think about this, if you brought an ebook containing thousands of it, and a thousand Marketers are using the same technics, how do you think those technics will be effective? The truth is many marketers will be doing the same so it will be too competitive.

Now the technic that will make affiliate marketing easy is finding a unique angle to what you learned and tweaking it till it worked. now, these technics are what changed my experience from not making the first sale to making several sales a day.

My golden nugget for affiliate marketers that’s still struggling. Trying to make insane sales even if you just started an online is the following. To make it work, you need to draw up a plan and also write it out, How you intend to drive traffic to your site. Do this and you will see affiliate marketing is not that hard.

How quickly can I money?

In my opinion, Everything can be difficult from whichever angle you look at it, It can also be easy. I think the main problem in the affiliate marketing industry and most online businesses is the mindset that you come up with. Most people are coming into the market thinking it’s a get-rich-quick scheme or an ‘easy’ way to make money, which makes them put in less effort.

If you start with a long-term mindset, then you will put in the effort you need by first having realistic expectations. You have to gain skills and experience in any field, meaning you don’t have to begin with any skills, in time you will learn your own tricks and methods to do it. The sooner you accept this truth the faster you are bound to get results.

Way money with affiliate marketing.

Way money with affiliate marketing.

Most people are looking for a way to make money with affiliate marketing for free. But I tried for a long time and I realize by trying to look for a free strategy on how to make money for free with affiliate marketing is absurd.

I spent thousands of hours watching videos, searching on google, and went from Facebook group to group until Facebook almost banned me on their platform. Quora banned my account. And I have an account with almost every social media. I’ve looked everywhere but, I could not find it. Until I almost say that affiliate marketing is a scam, or it is not working.

Most of the time it is not the product that’s not working, but we are looking at the wrong place or wrong angle. I Could have been a millionaire right now if I wasn’t looking for free stuff. When you go on YouTube search about a subject especially when it comes to business or how to make money. It is like you go get food at a restaurant, they offer you a side of rice or veggies or chips for free, but to get the meal you have to pay.

It is the same rule when it comes to free stuff, making money has never been free and it will never be. I don’t know for how long you’ve been searching for a free way to make money online. But if you get this far reading my blog that means you are qualified, and you have some greatness in you that can make you a successful marketer. My advice to you is to start making good decisions. Learn the fastest way you can make money online.

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Hard?

Now this is the final verdict, Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money on the internet, but it is also not free. learn how to make money on ClickBank. All affiliate marketers out there never touch a product, they just refer or recommend a product to their followers and they get paid. This is my number one recommendation for beginners in affiliate marketing. Click here to join

Affiliate marketing truth

Affiliate marketing is hard for those who are looking for a way to get money quickly without doing no work or spending money. It’s a test and applies business model, even the most successful individual in affiliate marketing is still testing and adjusting to being compliant.

This is a long-term game, you must willing to stay in the game to win it. Will you accept to work for 2 years without a lot of results just to test and find out what works? If yes you are qualified to start making real money and live like a millionaire while you are on your way to becoming one.

Most people don’t like change when something change in their life they have headache but the world is constantly changing a marketers job is to always on top of the game.

This is the best ebook that I found very effective and that will teach you everything you need to know about this business.


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