What are the best Affiliate programs for beginners?

best affiliate programs

Are you confused with all the noise, all the scammers out there about talking affiliate marketing? In this blog, I will tell you exactly how to start your affiliate marketing business and how to make a commission overnight or while you are sleeping.

If you read till the end I will help you get started, if you are a complete beginner or if you know about affiliate marketing already and want to learn more about the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

Affiliate marketing programs you can join and they will approve you with no problem.

Difference between a high ticket affiliate program and a low ticket affiliate program. what makes an offer a low ticket offer or a high ticket offer.

Before I tell you more about this topic if you are a complete newbie, you will need to know what affiliate marketing is about and how to get started and where you can get your first affiliate link and make your first commission, and how and where you will find traffic for your offer.

Affiliate marketing for beginners, Best definition?

Affiliate marketing defines as performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing effort. Learn more…

Working as an affiliate marketer requires personnel effort and learning. The process to become an affiliate marketer is to learn about the marketing terminology ” glossary” and know the rules about this business.

The process is easy and could be complicated also depending on where you will get your training from. It is very broad also, affiliate marketing is the umbrella, it is the monetization process that means where the money will come from.

You need to know where to put yourself so you can succeed in this business That’s why Entre affiliate marketing training, is the best training in 2022 with more than 200000 students already... They can help you get started the right way.

It is also called it digital real-estate business because everything is done online. If I was to compare digital real estate with traditional real estate, real estate is the term they use to identify the market but for each person who is doing real estate if you pay attention they are doing something different.

They are under a different umbrella, every group has its own roles which is what makes everyone interested in this business model.

Let’s say you are looking to buy a house, the seller will hire a real estate agent that deals with sellers only, and the buyer will hire a real estate agent that deals with buyers only.

In the traditional real estate you will find in one deal there are many agents involved, let’s say you are buying a home, You will hire an agent, after that you have, lenders, real estate brokers, real estate attorneys, closing agents, real estate insurance companies, appraisers, inspectors and more involved.

It is the same for affiliate marketing they are called digital real estate, to succeed you will need to learn how it works and what you want to do as a business or what service you will provide to your customers or your audiences.

Join the trend Now, learn how to build your first piece of digital real estate today!

How does affiliate marketing work?

This is the most important question when it comes to affiliate marketing, how does that work? A lot of people when they are trying to start in the world of marketing business they never ask how that works, all they care about is how to make money.

Making money online, making money from home, Jobs online, working from and more are parts of affiliate marketing, but how do all of them work. This is the exact question that I’m going to answer, But are you really interested in affiliate marketing training and coaching? Join the best training on the internet with more than 200000 enrolled a year and create a sustainable business and leave a legacy.

The 10 best tips to set up for success

1.How to choose a niche

2. Where to find traffics

  • Organic traffic
  • Paid traffic

3. Hight ticket VS Low ticket Affiliate program

4. Define your Audience

5. How to create content

6. How to choose the best offer on your niche

7 You will learn about different pieces of real estate and how to build each of them

  • How to build a blog site
  • How to write a blog
  • SEO “On-page/ Off-page SEO”
  • How to build and grow your youtube channel
  • How to build and grow a TikTok account
  • How to build and grow your Instagram account
  • How to create a Facebook fan page/ Facebook group
  • How to build and grow a Pinterest account
  • How to create a Reddit account, subreddit, etc

8. Different type of monatisation

9. How to build your email list? email marketing

10.How to offer your service to other business/Agency marketing.

All the above are what you will learn when you are sign up for Entre training.

But let’s say you want to do that on your own, Yes you can do all that without joining any training.

To do that you will need to choose your niche, do your research, go out there and make it happen.

Best affiliate programs for beginners.

In case you are a beginner and wonder what affiliate program should I join to start earning commissions on the internet.

This is exactly what I’m going to talk about, where you can find a product to make money and a lot of money online.

I will list below a few platforms that you can sign up for and a little detail on how to join each of them.

Remember when you are a complete beginner, you will need to test the market and let your audience or your future customers tells you what they want. Business is not about you, but about your customers, don’t try to sell your customers what you like but find out what they like and bring that to them.

Affiliate marketing network you can sign up for.

There are a lot of networks for affiliate marketing out there that will approve you easily as a complete beginner with no experience. Some will require you to have a basic understanding of marketing and this is why I’m writing this blog so I can help you.

Those networks have thousands of companies in them. You will need to sign up for the network first and after you will need to get approved by each company that you want to work with.

Some companies have an auto-approval process, which means you won’t need a human being to review and approve your application.

Most of them require you to have a website with content and traffic that way they waste time with you, affiliate marketing is a legit business, and those networks and affiliate programs out there will treat you as their business partner.

That is why it is imperative to set up your business the right way, have a business mindset even don’t have an LLC yet, it is important to act like a businessman.

  • Cj affiliate: this network work with all most known companies like brand smart, Best Buy, guitar center, and more. They work with a lot of software companies, insurance companies, credit companies, etc.
  • Impact Radius: This is a large network also and has thousands of companies, impact have a lot of great company that pays a lot of commissions, and also have auto-approval for some companies.
  • Shareasale: This Network has the best products and most high ticket offer that pays more than 40% a sale. You can just click on the link and sign up for any of those networks that you are interested in working with.

Affiliate marketing companies

Similar to those affiliate networks, there are a lot of companies that offer an affiliate or that have their own affiliate program without associating with any network.

  • Amazon, they have its own program and they have its own requirement. It will require having a website, an app, or other verified channels with followers.

If you wish to start your website that is highly recommended because most networks or companies will require you to have your own domain or website, here you can have your first domain free and just pay a couple bucks a month for hosting, or just type www.millionairetek.com/domain, claim your free domain.

Entre Affiliate program

Affiliate marketing platforms

Kartra.com, the highest paying platform with a lot of high ticket offer.

ClickBank is The most beginner-friendly affiliate platform with almost no requirement, except for a few countries that are not allowed, before signing up check if your country is on the red list.

High ticket affiliate programs

What is a high ticket affiliate program? A high ticket affiliate is a company that agrees to their affiliate marketer a higher Commission. A high ticket offer is a product that is selling at a higher price, let’s say you want to join the highest coaching program that I know personally” Dr. Myron Golden Coaching program is a $1million program every year.

Well, every program that pays at least $1000 commission per sale without including the recurring commission is considered a high ticket offer.

Low ticket affiliate marketing.

A low ticket product or offer is a company that pays a Commission fro $1 per sale to $999 commission per sale.

Most programs on this blog are considered low ticket offers, the commission earned per sale will be less than $1000 except for a few of them.

The requirement to sell a high ticket offer and a low ticket offer is almost the same. Most affiliate programs out there will teach you how to sell low-ticket products, but we can teach you how to use the same strategy to sell only high ticket products or offers. Click here to learn more as you already know Entre Institute is a high ticket affiliate program that teaches how to create a successful business online and create a legacy.

Affiliate marketing traffic, how to get traffic.

Talking about traffic for your affiliate marketing products or your business because affiliate marketing is a legal business as soon as you sign up your are legally a business owner even other are advertising it as side income earner, work from home opportunity or make money online etc.

You are required to pay your own taxes if you do it under your name or business taxes if you have an LLC.

It will require after signing up to any program to create your own audience, bring traffic to your offer or the product that you are promoting.

More you learn about traffic more people will see your offer, and more money possibly you will make because as soon as you understand that business is not about you but about your customers, more you will find products that your customers are looking for.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business, with no traffic, with no one to buy, no money. Most new online businesses fail because to understand how to profit on the internet you need to understand that your business is not about you or what you are selling, but what you customers want.

Best traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

Talking about traffic, there is two ty of traffic and each of them has their benefit and challenge. To be successful in this business you will need to use both, relying on one source will hurt your income probably.

The two types of Traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

Organic traffic

The first traffic source called organic that basically means that you will use your website and social media platforms where you can get customers without spending any money or running ads.

Most people call it free traffic, but everybody knows when something doesn’t cost money the amount of work you will need to do to get it is enormous. Yes you don’t pay money but you will work hours sometimes months even years with no result before succeed at it

Paid traffic

The second traffic source is quicker than the first one because it requires spending money on ads that are quicker than the organic source.

But don’t think because you paid for that traffic this method is easier, no, it is quicker because on the first day you launch your ad you can start getting eyes balls on your offer and start getting clicks instantly.

I made this mistake because I thought there were shortcuts to success, I thought as soon as I launch my ad everything was going to be ok, and every time I check my email I was going to get a notification say that I have earned a commission.

But that was only a dream that never become a reality, even I made $72,000 in sales my first year in business but sometimes I almost cried.

I spent thousands of dollars running ads for a long period with no result. The process is not easier it is simply quicker.

You will need to learn how to read and understand the statistics, and the graph. Depending on what platform you are using, and also almost all platforms are the same, one might be easier to manage but all of them use the same skeleton.

You will need to learn about these terms and get used to them like:

  • CPC
  • CTR
  • CTA
  • CPL
  • CPA

And there are a million others you will need to be familiar with, don’t think it is easy, what ever source you choose you will need to learn the basic and understand what is going on because it is your business.

You will need to test the market and see what people are interested in and what they are not.

Paid traffic for affiliate marketing

There are a lot of platforms for paid traffic, the most know is the google ad platform, but they are a lot of other platforms that affiliate marketers are using to get a lot of traffic.

There are different ways to get paid views or eyeballs on your offer, some people are using JV’s, or paid influencers with a large followers on social media to list their product or service on their page or account.

Another paid traffic method is Solo ad, solo ad is to pay someone with a large email list to do advertising to their email subscribers for you.

When it comes to advertising your product or service there are a lot of ways to do that, and whatever method you will use you still will need to analyze the result to see if your method is profitable for you or not.

Free traffic for affiliate marketing.

If you are reading this still you already know most of the platforms that most online business owners use to get traffic. The best traffic source is Facebook and YouTube because they are the most popular ones.

Remember there are hundreds of social media platforms out there and even some you never heard of and will never be heard of you are not digging around

The most popular free traffic sources are:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkdten
  • Reddit
  • Thumbler
  • Blogs/website

And there are more that are not social media like forums, group chats, etc.


Most people never learn and know the basics about this business, it a 8 billion dollars industry and it still trending that means there is a lot of money to be made on the internet.

Million of people already meet the requirements to be called millionaires and some are looking to create their first billion online in the next 10 years.

I’m not telling you or guaranteeing you that will be the next Jeff Bezos or the next Mark Zuckerberg or even the next Jeff Lerner because most people trying to start online fail and never look back.

70% of people trying affiliate marketing fail after spending a lot of money, but, those who succeed make it big. It is not a get rich quick but it is a slow process it might take you 10 years to make your first million of dollars.

The only people whose success is guaranteed are those who are willing to do work and sacrifice themself and stay in the race.

The learning process has no end, it is a constant process because there are always new products, new software, etc.

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