Startup millionaire business ideas 2022

Startup millionaire business ideas 2022

Most people’s dreams are to become a millionaire, some are interested in business, some gamble, and some study until they retired and some natural start something, and in a few years using a simple millionaire shortcut and they are becoming millionaires.

But what is the secret, what are the requirements to become a millionaire? Why the process seems to be easy for some people and hard for some, What are the odds to be a millionaire?

In this startup millionaire business ideas 2022 guide, I will talk about some success principles that most millionaires used to create the million. These secret are not new, it is not something that just discovered, people have been using them for years before Jesus Christ.

If you like what are you talking about those gurus say that making money is a new business trend that started with the rise of the internet.

Well before the internet people used to have order social platforms, and other ways to communicate and business coaching was always there.

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Learn these secrets and never be broke again. But how do you start and what is the first step?

Startup millionaire business ideas

If you are looking for millionaire business ideas that will shorten the process of becoming a millionaire in this year. You have just landed on the right website. But I have to tell you this.

Many people are dreaming of becoming a millionaire but don’t want to do what is necessary to realize their dreams. I’m not going to talk about the law of attraction, you can’t attract money if you are not willing to do something that will bring you that money.

If you are praying and hoping, I cain’t help you and no one can. I was reading the ten commandments for making money “Thou shall prosper” a book written by RABBI Daniel Lapin, He explains how money works and principles that most Jewish people use to succeed in business.

Nothing is free on the planet, especially money, money is the less valuable asset and one of the most important things that everyone hopes to have.

The media make most people believe that money is bad and business is bad, people that choose to do business, all are stealing from the poor that how most of them get rich. Becoming a millionaire is hard work not stealing, if it were, most people in the city and in the government was going to be millionaires even billionaires.

The ideas of making money have nothing to see with stealing or scamming people. By the way, you can scam for only a short period of time, not more because it will be hard to scam someone twice.

But when it comes to selling your services and products you can have customers for a long period of time. And no need to force customers to purchase from you, naturally customers feel good about your service and are willing to stay or do business with you for a long time.

Most businesses don’t acquire customers every day except those big companies with a large budget. They rely most of the time on repeat customers.

The most important things in business are honesty, being honest and telling the truth about your services or product, and treating people right. According to studies, people buy or do business with people that they trust and like.

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Startup millionaire business ideas that really work in 2022, will still be working in 2070 except it might be a little more competitive but there are always new ways to make it work.

Millionaire business ideas

Online millionaires are created every day, people are adding to the millionaire list every day what is the chance to become one of them. Below are the most profitable business ideas that will create the path to becoming a millionaire.

Start an affiliate marketing website

Affiliate marketing businesses are the easiest startup millionaire business, that most people are using to make millions online. But wait is Jeff Bezos an online millionaire?

The answer is yes, Jeff left his job at an investment bank in 1994 and moved to Seattle, Washington, to open a virtual bookstore. This means he was affiliated with different writers and sold their products for a profit, that is exactly what affiliate marketing is. Working out of his garage with a handful of employees, Jeff began developing the software for the site, which he called It sold its first book in 1995.

If I tried to build a list of people who started from nothing and now are millionaires online, the list would be too long. Another example is Jeff Lerner who started broke in 2008 and started an online teaching company and now making millions of dollars each year.

Affiliate marketing is not a business that people are successful in it by chance, there are millions of people who become millionaires almost every day. But what do they do?

To do This business and succeed in it, you’ll need only 2 things, an offer and traffics. The offer is easy to get but the most important is traffics.

To get target traffic you will need to create your own platform, and the way to make money and create financial freedom is by selling using your own platform.

in another post I will talk more about what platform an affiliate Marketer needs to build, today let’s talk more about the best millionaire business ideas in 2022.

Droppsing online store

Dropshipping is very popular in 2022, but in between dropshipping and affiliate marketing each has its good and bad.

They are similar except dropshipping require sometimes shipping and return whereas in affiliate marketing the company or product owner deal with everything. As affiliate Marketers, we are in charge to drive traffic only.

The same principle applies to dropshipping, you will need your own website, select your product and promote your store to get traffics. Remember to get quality traffics you will need to build your own platforms.

Affiliate Marketing Agency.

Agency marketing is more on the service side, you will work with other businesses and help them with work they don’t want to do or do not know how to do them. Example of services that an agency marketing provides.

  1. Seo service
  2. Web development
  3. Ad management
  4. Marketing
  5. Social media management etc.

Website developer

Starting a web development business this year could be really profitable. Web development is in high demand right now, because most people whose trying to start online, either dropshipping store, affiliate marketing, agency marketing business, or any kind of business online or offline needs a website nowadays.

A web development business can be very profitable. But what are the requirements for a complete beginner? After a lot of experience with web development guys found on the internet, I decided to design all my websites myself. The requirement is just to understand WordPress, Wix, and other cloud base software.

For the last 2 websites that paid to design, I had to redesign everything because they were not good at all. To start in this business if you have no knowledge at all take a close. You will need less than 40 hours to learn how to build a website.

Start a flipping Domain business

Domain flipping business create a lot of Online millionaires in the last 15 to 18 years. Domain flipping started around 2004, or 2005, when a lot of people start buying and selling domain names for profit.

it is a high-margin business and high domain but not very popular. But how does domain flipping work?

This is what they called digital real estate, a domain name or a website is a piece of real estate that is sometimes worth a lot of money. The most expensive domain ever sold was That domain sold 780 million and up dollars. There’s which sold for 30 million and there is a lot of domain for sale right now that are worth millions.

But how domain flipping or website flipping works? It’s easy and very simple, just go to a domain registrar purchase a domain name and put it back on the market, and sell it for a higher price. Start here just paid for the hosting and get your domain free.

It is a little more complicated to understand which names are worth money and how to choose a name that you can resell and don’t lose your money.

Doing a market search before buying a domain name is highly recommended. And sometimes you will need an SEO tool to help you make the best decisions. click here to learn about this cheap SEO tool that I use.

If you want to learn more about domain flipping and website flipping let me know maybe I can help you get started.

Website flipping is the same as domain flipping except when you purchase the domain you have to build the website and bring traffic start making money and sell the website to someone else.

Internet millionaires that what they are doing, and if you have a chance to interview one or many of them, they will tell you that they have multiple income streams. No one starts a business and makes enough money to make to the millionaire range.

They try different things and grow what’s working for them. Business is risky people lost a lot of money in business, and that is why millionaire don’t put all their money in one place.

Disclaimer: Business online is not guaranteed, and it’s required a lot of work. Most people trying to make money online makes nothing and end up losing their money invested. Those millionaire business ideas work but invest with your own risk.


Were you looking for an Online business that can make you a millionaire, any of those business ideas can work for money if you’re willing to make them work.

And there are more ideas online I choose to talk about a few because I have knowledge of them. Find which one you like, but remember most of the time what you like will most likely not make you money.

That’s why you have to start something in other to find something that works.

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