How to start a business: A guide that can help you understand the starting process

How to start a business

Start a business can be overwhelming, and difficult. Have an Idea is one, but know how to put everything together, built a successful plan of action, and have the right skills to manage a business is very challenging. Starting a business required more skill than you could even imagine and the scary part is where to go to find the right pieces of information because the right pieces that you need are not on the internet nor free.

Start a business Right now

In this difficult year, while people are dying with corona and a lot of brick and mortar are switching online, it has become more difficult to start your business than you’ve been thinking. Things are more complicated than ever, the market is going up with no control, people are scared, experienced business owners are in doubt, the world is going crazy confusion everywhere, and you came and start asking yourself. Where should I start?

One thing you should know before you start is, things are not going to get easier. There will never be a right time to start a business, double check around and see what can stop you or hold you back from starting your business today. If you are willing and motivated just press start. If you are a complete beginner, check my last blog “how to start an online business with no experience” and also you can learn how regular people are making it online in this difficult time.

How to start a business? what do you need to about business?

This can shock you when I tell what I found that the gurus said I should know before I start my business. Starting a business is very challenging and there is a quote that says “A smart Person Learn From His Own Mistakes, But A truly Wise Person Learns From The Mistakes Of Others”, I hope that makes sense for you. Most people don’t want to start a business because they don’t want to make mistakes and there is a category of people that don’t accept mistakes, you have to be perfect, even perfection does not exist but mistakes are not allowed, that is why those people are not smart nor wise, because being afraid of making mistakes stop them from starting any business.

What I’m writing right now about and my story are completely different, February 2020 after my boss told me to stay home because of covid, and I started thinking about some alternative and I found this training. I will you more about the training later.

Business, What you should know before start

Before you start your business, there is a list of things that you should know, and don’t be surprised the list is long. I will not define everything on the list, maybe in another blog I may define them, but for now, I will just list them for you.

  • Learn how to run ads
  • How to target your audience
  • How to do retargeting
  • How to build a funnel
  • How to whrite copy
  • How to whrite email sequeces
  • How to hire people
  • How to build a team
  • How to hire the right people, fire and interview people
  • How to know if a person is doing his job
  • How to put system in place
  • How to measure performance of your employee
  • Undertand KPI’s(Key Performance Indicator)
  • How to make smart business descisions
  • How to raise capital
  • Where to get funding(capital)
  • How to aford these people

I how those above don’t look like Chinese for you, because I understand them now but 2 years ago I didn’t know any of them. The funny part is recently I learn what is write copy “copywriting”. And that’s not all there are a few other skills that you need to know before you can be thinking about starting your business because those skills are the most important skills.

Skills you need.

  • How to close a deal
  • How to market yourself or your brand
  • How to negociate
  • How to manage your own time and family
  • How to read a finacial statement

Ok. I guess you will say that’s enough, I’m done no more business. Yeah, there is a lot more that I don’t list because I chose the most necessary in the list, and remember all the legal stuff that you will need to hire a lawyer to do for you that has to see with tax, your state, your county, and government thing.

How to start a business, no experience

My story is totally different, with none of these skills, no experience, well I had a little experience because I fail in several businesses before, but I didn’t know any of those listed above. Blind with no Idea of what I was doing, but I’m glad I started with this training because they teach me everything, and even I didn’t have a business idea, they taught me how to created it.

If you feel stuck don’t know what to do, hate your job, and tired, or wanna make extra income on the side. Click here

Start a business, are you Ready?

There will never be a right time to start a business. If the stars couldn’t align for Romeo and Juliet, they probably won’t align for you either. But you can either look at that as the thing that holds you back from starting or use that to push you to start today.

When it comes down to deciding if you’re ready to start a business, it’s more about mindset than timing. Are you in the frame of mind right now to win? If you didn’t shout heck yeah at your computer screen, you might need to re-examine if entrepreneurship is the right path for you.

The reality is saying you’re going to start a business is easy. But doing it, turning nothing into something that makes money, can be a whole lot tougher. 

And you need to be mentally prepared to take something on. Why? Well, there are going to be challenged like creating ads that generate sales. And if your mindset isn’t in the right place, any failure could devastate you. But if you’re in the right mindset, you’ll KAPOW! failures until you finally start hitting your big wins. 

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